Chance, Day 1


Today is a very exciting day in the Mitchell-Harnett household. We just got our dog, Chance. His name was Champ at the rescue, but we figured a small change would be OK. He seems to be doing OK with being here so far, though he's only been here for about an hour. He is already asleep on the office floor while both Mark and I click away at our computers. That can't possibly be a bad sign.

I'm apprehensive about having a dog--the mess, the responsibility, the cost, all that. But it is already making Mark so happy that I'm glad we're doing it, and I think I am going to grow very attached to this dog very quickly as well. He's just so damn likeable. He is a big boy (103 lbs), tall, well proportioned, gorgeous. And he's so mellow and kind, at least so far. Reminds me quite a bit of my stepmother's old dog, Kahn, and that is definitely a good thing.

Other than that, not much going on. We did a lot of home repair type stuff this weekend (finally painted and covered the bench, moved some stuff around, put some pictures up) and I'm very happy with the results. This place has really come together.

And I'm worried about money, of course. I got my financial aid check and it seems to have rapidly disappeared. It didn't disappear, of course--I put some in savings and paid my credit card bill and all that fun stuff, but I'm still apprehensive about how much I have to live on in the next year. I'm sure it will be fine, but I can't help but worry. I really hope the internship works out, but I am very much lacking hope currently.

I am going to apply to whatever private scholarships I can find, though, especially if I am not working. Even a $500 scholarship will make a lot of difference. Someone on the Ms. boards posted a link to a Third Wave Foundation scholarship, so I'll start there.

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to meeeeeee!

So today is my 24th birthday. I don't really feel like it's my birthday, but the calendar assures me that it is. It's stange how much less exciting birthdays get as you get older. I still try to maintain my childlike level of birthday excitement, because being excited about things is fun, but it feels kind of fake. Especially this year. 24 is my last birthday before the serious ages begin, as far as I can tell. Next year, I'm a quarter century; after that I enter my late 20s. Then 30s, then 40s, etc. I'm not particularly afraid to age (that's just a boldfaced lie, actually I am afraid to age, but I know I shouldn't be), but turning 12 seemed a lot more magical than turning 24.

Be that as it may, I'm going to try to enjoy my "special day." If nothing else, at least there will be presents, and we're going out to a nice dinner with Susan and Tony.

Having a 9am class on my birthday is probably not helping me feel celebratory. Perhaps my post-class nap will change my mood. :)

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H Words


We went to this strange little theatre production the other night with Susan and Tony. It was an exploration of communication using only "H" words (and so the playwright told us at the end, rendering all other interpretations of the previous 45 minutes null and void--I hate it when they do that). Anyway, it has me thinking in "H" words. Here are some good ones that they didn't use:

The word the play ended with was "hope." If it had been a lot more subtle, I would have liked that. Most of the time, I think hope is really all there is.

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"As if sexuality is a game like that"


"As if sexuality is a game like that!"

Mark's reaction to "Boy Meets Boy." I have to agree, and to admire him for his distaste.

I have decided to start blogging. I hear all the cool kids are doing it. Seriously, I'm trying to get back into some form of self-discipline as a writer, and my old-school journaling just isn't cutting it. I can't write long-hand anymore. Depressing. So hopefully I can introduce a few friends of mine to this blog and have somewhat of a writing support group.

Or at least write without hand cramps.

An online friend of mine has a really really excellent blog that I just read a month's worth of entries. She's inspiring me. Thanks, Flea.

Anyways...we now have way way more cable channels than we ought. I think this bodes ill for my school future. We even have the BBC and IFC and...

Uh oh.

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