The Magdelene Sisters


Chance barfed up a sock this morning. A whole freaking sock. Not even one of those little quarter sized socks. Nasty nasty nasty. How can something with a digestive system no bigger than mine swallow an entire goddamn sock??

Magdalene Sisters movie posterSusan and I went to see The Magdalene Sisters last night. Heavy, depressing stuff, but one of the best made films I've seen in awhile. It struck that balance, being heavy enough to be realistic and to keep you interested and concerned about what was going on, but having a few moments of levity so that you didn't turn off completely because it was 2 hours of nonstop depressing. I really liked it. I want to read a book about that situation now.

Interesting trend of anti-Catholic movies. One of the previews last night was for the new film Luther (about, duh, Martin Luther). Not exactly blockbuster stuff, but very interesting.

I started writing the article about the Ms. boards I've had in the back of my head for so long. So far it's unmitigated crap, but hopefully it will get better. I'd like to come up with something I could be proud of and actually submit it to a few places (Bitch, maybe?). That would be an actual worthwhile use of my time, unlike participating in the snarkfests and battles that are raging over there. I am on open-ended hiatus from there now. So far it's been only about 24 hours, and I already miss posting (and I'm still lurking). I'm an addict, it's that simple.

All boils down, I think, to the fact that I need more friends in my real life and better communication with myf riends who are far away. Having a giant and semi-diverse Internet community is so much EASIER, though, even if I am not getting what I need.

I should stop babbling. There is laundry to do, coffee cake to eat, a dog to walk, football to watch, and all of next week's reading to do somewhere in between. And it's already nearly noon.

I fucking love Saturday.

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