I am so thankful.

This has been an amazing Thanksgiving. Mark and I did a great job with the food and we've just had a wonderful day. I'm really really happy we decided to stay home and just have it be us. We even gave Chancey a big plate of food, which he demolished in 30 seconds or so. It was hysterical. And Mark and I both conked out for like two hours after dinner. We're going to be eating leftovers for a month.

In a more general way, though, I am very thankful for my life. Things are going well. In general, I am happy and healthy and stable and secure. Mark and I are doing wonderfully and we feel permanent to me. I'm worried about my mom's back, but there is really nothing I can do about that from here, so I should try not to worry about it more than I have to. Hopefully she can have the surgery while I am in Oregon over Christmas. I want to be able to help her...

My presentations this week have stressed me out, but things are going very well. I am really happy with both of my groups. Group work experiences have been so up-and-down (mostly down) for me in the past, group work was something I was really worried about at LBJ, and I these experiences have made me feel much better about it. This is good.

I'm attempting to get my internship requirement for the summer waived. I'll try to do an internship anyway, but if I do it for credit, as is required, I have to pay out-of-state tuition on it, which amounts to about $2,000. That's a huge fucking waste. So hopefully they will waive me on the basis of the work I am doing at Texans Care now. I doubt they will, but it's worth a try. That will mean I have to take one more class next year, but that's really no big deal, especially since it won't change my tuition costs (and I get a waiver on the out-of-state portion for the academic year). If I get the waiver it will also allow me to be more creative in what I decide to do for the summer. So I'm going to finish the waiver app this weekend and hope for the best.

It's amazing how cold it feels in here when it's 53 degrees outside. My feet are like icecubes.

Mark is doing better this week with work/school stuff too, which is really nice. I worry that he'll resent me if he doesn't like it here. I know he likes Austin, but the school thing is so mixed. I have high hopes for Hitoshi's lab, though. Hitoshi came over the night for a few minutes. He's really funny. Japanese James Cagney is exactly the right way to describe him.

I haven't been writing in my blog as much lately because I have been busy, but there has been another reason as well. I have blog-envy. I read Flea's blog and it's so damn good--interesting, funny, well-written...makes me wonder why I bother with it when all I do is blab on and on about my not-very-interesting life. Then I feel really stupid for my envy, because honestly, I don't want a kid that puts shitty underwear in my coffee pot*. And if I had one, I don't think I'd find the energy to write about it like Flea does. I really admire her.

Anyways...blabber blabber blabber. Mark is on the phone with his parents. Chance is curled up on the floor. All is good.

But I need to go put some socks on.

* Actually, I just don't want a kid. The shitty underwear and the coffee pot are side issues. And I don't even have a coffee pot.

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It's possible that we may have a new addition to our happy household.

Last night when we were walking Chance (it was 11:30 or so), we got by the gated condo community where I always encourage him to pee, and a cat started following us. We tried to keep Chancey's attention and figured it would go away after awhile. We were wrong. It followed us (at very close range) the entire way home. Then, when we got home, it ran up to the porch and attempted to go inside with us. So Mark took Chancey inside and I brought the kitty some milk. It's a smallish long-haired cat (really funny looking, actually, like with a Siamese body and tail and a calico face) and it's pretty thin, no collar, full claws. It sat on my lap and purred and I petted it. I have no idea whether or not it's a stray, but it's obviously a pretty damn spunky cat if it's willing to even get close to us with monster dog around. Mark and I talk about it and realize there is no way we can bring it in--Chance would kill it, even if he didn't mean to. So I figure if it's still around in the morning, we can start feeding it outside and see what happens. With the claws and everything it should be OK with being an outside cat.

In the morning it seemed to be gone, so I figured it had moved on.


Mark and Chance were just outside, and the cat showed back up. And took a stand against Chancey. Chance barked and growled and the cat stood his/her ground and gave him a swipe across the nose that drew blood.

So...we'll see. S/he seems to like it here. Maybe we can work something out.

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What a great morning. Slept late (after 10!) and then walked Chance. The weather is amazing--sunny, 70s and windy. Chance actually behaved on our walk, too. All in all, a very good way to start the day.

Now I have to go to campus for two group meetings and a class, but I'm sure it will be fine. Also, I finished the problem set in record time yesterday, which makes me feel real cool.

Listen to Mary Prankster. For real. She's amazing. I'm so excited to have new music. Now I just have to get paid so I can actually buy her CDs instead of downloading her.

I wish I could think of more political and social commentary to put on here, but honestly it's just turning out to be a space where I vent about my life. There is nothing really wrong with that, I suppose, but I don't see why anyone would want to read it.

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The problem with Do Whatever I Want Day is it is directly followed by "Do All The Stuff I Should Have Done Yesterday Day." Damn I wish Mark would get better so I'd have some help with all of this shit.

My current plan is to skip PFM (it's a guest speaker, something about taxes--I feel guilty for not going, but this is the first time I have skipped without a legitimate reason and I just can't go to campus and come back three times today). I have a meeting with my PE group at 2, but I can do housework and get things back into shape until then. Then hopefully I can work on my PFM problem set, which sneaked up on me and is due Wednesday.

Fascinating, I know. I don't know why I feel the need to post the intricacies of my daily schedule on my blog. Mmm...narcissism.

I am tired of Mark being sick. It's horribly selfish, I know, but I was so looking forward to his return because then I would have some HELP, and instead all I got was more work. But at least I am not feeling sick myself. I can handle it.

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Do Whatever I Want Day


Do Whatever I Want Day has been a raging success. It's now 11:30, I'm thinking about bed, and I haven't done a single thing I didn't want to do all day. No chores, no homework, nothing. I am definitely going to have to schedule days like this in a couple more times before the end of the semester if things get too tense. This has worked like a charm--I feel ready to go on and work hard now.

Which is good, since shit is about to start up again tomorrow morning.

Mark is watching "The Rules of Attraction" in the living room. I am glad I can't see it, because just hearing it is bad enough. Stupid shit. Why are most movies so stupid?

I really want some movies that I want to see to come to a theater near me. I love going to the movies. I went to this bizarre film with Susan and Tony tonight. It was really well-done, even though the movie was ass-stupid. I do not understand Mexican wrestling. The masks sort of freak me out, though. They remind me of nasty bondage gear or something.

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Do Whatever I Want Day


Do Whatever I Want Day delimmma: It is 9:15. I have been doing whatever I want all day, and it's been quite fufilling. Now I'm home, Mark is still really sick, and there are several chores that need to be done. Should I do them now, or leave them until tomorrow?

I am thinking leave them until tomorrow. I'll walk the dog, but other than that, they can all wait. It's good for me to learn to leave things go a bit, and the whole idea of DWIWD would sort of be moot if I ruined it with chores now. It will all still be there (unfortunately) tomorrow.

So there.

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Today is my day completely


Today is my day completely off, or so I have ordained. My schedule will be as follows:

sleep late (which I did)
take Chance for a walk (I already did that, too, we just got back)
take a shower (that's up next)
curl up in the papasan and watch a depressing documentary about Poland
read the Sunday times, but only the parts that interest me and not the parts that I think I should read
go to Target and the Goodwill and spend money, but not too much money
hang out with Susan/go to a matinee
come home and lie around watching TV all evening
take a long hot bath
go to bed

Sounds good, huh? I have a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that I'll be tempted to do some much-needed housework or proof my paper or something, but that can all wait until tomorrow. Today is my day. I've earned it.

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I think maybe I am feelling better. Walking Chancey was nice--it is a lovely night. He's still hyper, of course, but I'm trying to ignore him. My shoulder is still really bugging me, so I am going to take a bath with some nice lime bath salts here in a bit.

I saw the funniest thing on our walk. We passed a house on our usual route, and the garage door was open. The inside of the garage was packed, floor to ceiling, with all manner of shit. Boxes, bags, loose stuff, bicycle tires...everything you could imagine, precariously stacked. At the very age of the rubble was an old man, sitting in a folding chair. He was watching a tiny (six inch?) black and white TV.

How random is that? I wish I could draw the scene, as the picture in my mind is far more amusing than the one painted by my brief description above.

I am hoping that getting a discussion going on The Phoenix about HPV will lead me to a breakthrough on this stupid paper. The whole thing (and then some) is written in my head and has been forever, but I just can't get it out. I don't know why I am so enamored with this topic...but I am. This is the trouble with picking topics you are highly personally invested in for papers--it's impossible to get started. I am rethinking entering an abstract into the Women's Studies Forum, as the deadline is Friday and I have less than a paragraph completed (though I have a huge marked up stack of articles right by my left elbow).

Adam is coming after all. He'll be here Wednesday night, just for one night. It will be good to see him, if I don't get any more depressed. If I do get more depressed, I am really going to dread having to play hostess. We'll see.

OK. My shoulder hurts. Bath.


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I am in miserable fucking pain. It's only 11 and I really should stay up for a couple of hours and get some work done, but my shoulder is killing me and all I want is to take a bath and then get in bed with the heating pad. I spent the evening watching movies with Susan and Tony, which was fun, but it would have been 100% more enjoyable if I weren't in such fucking pain. I honestlly don't know how I am going to get out of my shirt this evening--every arm motion hurts. Driving is becoming increasingly problematic.

Chancey was really good on the walk and didn't pull on me at all, thank God.

We watched "Spirited Away" tonight, which I liked, though it confused me. I would like to see it on a big screen or at least a really large TV, because the animation was pretty cool. We also watched a short film called "Book of Life," which I wasn't crazy about. It was funny in parts, but it struck me as pseudo-religious pretention, which gets really old really fast.

I haven't heard from Adam, so I don't know if he's coming this week or not. I hope he is, because it would be good to see him, but I also hope he's not, because I will get even less done with him here. Maybe if he just comes for one night or something. We'll see. I'm sure he'll turn up.

Chancey is being pretty affectionate tonight. I think he misses Mark.

I should probably erase that, lest my stalker know I am here alone. Fuck that. Come and fucking get me.

Alright, I am going to work. I swear.

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So there is something wrong with my shoulder. It's like the pain that I had when Chancey pulled my shoulder out that one time, but a bit less. And it's persistant. Taking a shirt off over my head just about makes me cry.

Great. A health problem. Just what I don't have time for.

Today I am attempting to outline my PD paper, do my research for PFM and PE, and not lose my mind. So far I am failing on all counts, but it's still early. I am also making curried squash and mushroom soup from the Moosewood recipe. We'll see how that turns out. The baking squash smells really good.

I really really want to take a nap. Chancey woke me up every two minutes from 8am on this morning. I finally just got up a bit after 9, I think. Damn dog. I am going to start locking him out in the morning, I swear.

For some reason he really wants to be outside, which is massively inconvenient for me, because it is muddy outside and he's a mess whenever he comes back in. He's not cooperating terribly well with having his paws cleaned off, either. So he's staying in here for now.

Why am I writing this and not doing my damn work?

I attempted to "chunk" my hair yesterday, but it didn't reallyw ork. The chunks are a lot smaller than I wanted them to be, and a lot more bleachy-orange instead of blonde. It's not really all that noticeable. I should probably fix it, but honestly I don't have the time or the desire today. Maybe later in the week.

Chance is panting at the window because he wants to go outside. Dammit. I wonder what his deal is? I think he wants to chase birds and squirrels.

Ug. I have got to get something done...

Or maybe take a nap...

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Pieces of April


So I am sitting here looking out the window at Chance's attempts to chase squirrels. He is very dismayed that he can't climb trees and they can. It's hilarious.

We went to quite a good movie last night, Pieces of April. Teenditzactress Katie Holmes makes a surprising turn as the bad daugther in a falling apart family. That sounded very review-esque, didn't it? Well, I don't want to bother explaining the plot, but it was good, you should see it.

Susan cried. It was so cute.

It strangely made me miss my fam, though. Wonder if I will ever get old enough to stop missing my mom? I wish my mom were better at talking on the phone.

I have a big list of stuff to do today. Put chunks in my hair, lots of cleaning, the enivitable school work. Only four weeks left...

I can't think of a damn thing that is even slightly interesting to say.

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