So there is something wrong with my shoulder. It's like the pain that I had when Chancey pulled my shoulder out that one time, but a bit less. And it's persistant. Taking a shirt off over my head just about makes me cry.

Great. A health problem. Just what I don't have time for.

Today I am attempting to outline my PD paper, do my research for PFM and PE, and not lose my mind. So far I am failing on all counts, but it's still early. I am also making curried squash and mushroom soup from the Moosewood recipe. We'll see how that turns out. The baking squash smells really good.

I really really want to take a nap. Chancey woke me up every two minutes from 8am on this morning. I finally just got up a bit after 9, I think. Damn dog. I am going to start locking him out in the morning, I swear.

For some reason he really wants to be outside, which is massively inconvenient for me, because it is muddy outside and he's a mess whenever he comes back in. He's not cooperating terribly well with having his paws cleaned off, either. So he's staying in here for now.

Why am I writing this and not doing my damn work?

I attempted to "chunk" my hair yesterday, but it didn't reallyw ork. The chunks are a lot smaller than I wanted them to be, and a lot more bleachy-orange instead of blonde. It's not really all that noticeable. I should probably fix it, but honestly I don't have the time or the desire today. Maybe later in the week.

Chance is panting at the window because he wants to go outside. Dammit. I wonder what his deal is? I think he wants to chase birds and squirrels.

Ug. I have got to get something done...

Or maybe take a nap...

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