Weirdness at my house last night:

It's about 12:30, and I'm fast asleep. Mark has just gone to sleep as well. All of a sudden, Mark sits up in bed and yells, "Holy fucking shit, get up!" I jump up to see there is a lot of what looks like fire outside our front windows. Aggg!

As it turns out, what I thought was fire was just flashing lights from our street being completely full of fire trucks. The house two doors down from us burned practically to the ground! By the time Mark went outside to check it out, the fire fighters had most of it out, but we fell back asleep an hour later to the sounds of them chainsawing through walls to get at embers. Then, when we walked Chancey this morning, we went by and the house is obviously completely demolished. The outside walls are still up, but the windows and doors are all gone, and the inside is just black. The lawn is covered with burnt debrise, etc.

Isn't that awful?

On the upside, it didn't spread, and the man who lives there got out just fine.

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