A beautiful day in my neighborhood


Actually, it's not really all that beautiful--it's cloudy and I think it might rain. Still, I made a few observations about where I live while I was walking Chancey this morning, so I thought I'd share:

10 Things I Noticed on my Morning Walk
1. My neighborhood is full of very strange cats. These are large, fluffy cats who like to curl up into balls and sleep in the very center of a damp lawn. I have never seen cats behave this way before, both in terms of getting wet and in terms of being out in the open. And there are at least four of them along our route, all on different lawns.
2. There is one house that has two large vans and three full-size trucks parked in front of it/in the driveway at all times. How many people can possibly live there?
3. Same house as above still has their Christmas decorations up. Not just lights, either--it's a complete display, with Santa Claus.
4. There have got to be more birds here than anywhere else in the world. I'm not just talking about the plethora of grackles, either. There are also a jillion crows, a lot of very fat pidgeons, and a bunch of other birds I can't identify.
5. The mountain laurel is almost done blooming and falling off. Which is too bad, it's very pretty, and it smells like artificial purple (think grape Kool-Aid).
6. Some people on the corner have a giant prickly pear cactus. It stinks and attracts bugs. I had a very romantic view of cacti before I moved here. Now not so much.
7. We met the woman who walks the two French bulldogs in two different spots on our route today. I think she basically goes the same way we do, just in the opposite direction. Her little dog looks like this, her larger one is brindle and looks more like this. She's not terribly friendly.
8. Squirrels are mean little creatures. I like that about them.
9. There is a four-way stop on the major street we walk down, and I see someone run one of those stop signs nearly every morning.
10. The school in our neighborhood must start awfully early, because we walked by just before 8am (or maybe just after...) and all the kids were already inside.

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