Nearly perfect weekend


We have had a most excellent weekend. First, on Friday night, Mark and I went to dinner and a movie with T. and S. We saw Spartan. It wasn't great, but it was pretty good, and it was an enjoyable experience in general (non-crowded theater, good company). Then on Saturday we had an unexpected nice day, so I made Mark get up early and we finally went plant shopping.

After our hard day's work, we took naps and watched some of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on cable. Then Mark made dinner and we split a bottle of red wine. After half a bottle of wine, it seemed incumbent on us to keep drinking, so we did, both getting pleasantly smashed before we walked Chancey, hung out some more, and finally passed out.

Then today we slept in super-late and just hung out until about 5pm, at which time we went on a super grocery shopping trip. We now have food in the house! Before we went grocery shopping, however, I spent an hour or so cleaning out the fridge.

Then we came home and watched The Sopranos, and now I'm going to take a bath. It's started to storm here, complete with real thunder and lightening, and I don't have anything I have to do before my 2pm class tomorrow.

Life couldn't be much better.

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