(Title from Ani, idea from Nyarlathotep's Miscellany.)

Things I shouldn't have worn:
1. First day of 1st grade, 1986: Red and black knee-length plaid dress, orange knee socks, pink tennis shoes with strawberries on them, puffy maroon jacket.
2. Second day of 1st grade, 1986: light brown velour sweatsuit, made by my mum, with a red apple with my name embroidered on it over the left breast.
3. First day of 5th grade, 1990: Acid washed jeans with fake leather running down the outer legs and in the insides of the pockets, knee-length purple Hypercolor tshirt.
4. My sister's high school graduation, 1991(?): short purple jacket with black buttons and black trim, purple and black striped tiered skirt, flesh colored nylons, black plastic ankle boots with silver buckles.
5. First day of 7th grade, 1992: black and white striped shirt, tucked in and poofed out from jeans, blue silk tie with roses on it, purple wool beret. Actually, any time I wore that beret.
6. First date, 1993 (Jurassic Park, how romantic): high-waisted blue jeans, white t-shirt, blue batiked suspenders.
7. Away volleyball game, 10th grade: blue striped spandex-y minidress, ginormous silver cross.
8. High school graduation picture, 1997: Union Bay overalls, green striped Union Bay t-shirt, green Converse One-Stars.

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