The blah diet.


I just read the comments in Julia's latest Tequila Mockingbird post. They are all about folks on diets. South Beach, Atkins, etc.

I am so fucking sick of dieting I can't even tell you.

I've lost somewhere between 10-13 lbs. It's been four months. I seem to be stuck. I'm not sure I even want to lose more. I want to change shape, and I am working on that. In theory, I have 8-12 lbs. left to lose. I know the only way I'm actually going to get them off is with a DRASTIC calorie cut, something I haven't been willing to do so far (I've been staying at consuming about 500-750 fewer calories per day than I burn). Basically, I need to decide whether to forget about the dieting thing, be fine with this weight, and continue working on shape and scultping, or whether I want to make the health/nutritional sacrifice (not to mention being a raving lunatic because I am not getting enough calories) and try to lose 10 more lbs.

Seems like it would be an obvious choice. After all, I'm at a healthy weight, even by ridiculous BMI standards!

So why am I seriously considering the latter?

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