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Y'all, I am exhausted. I should be OK today, as the little monsters let us sleep from about midnight to 7 am (time they apparently spent shitting and rolling around in it), but it's all catching up and I can barely keep my eyes open today.

Everybody is doing well, eating a ton and playing and showing beginning signs of being paper trained (OK, very beginning signs--that might just be wishful thinking).

I wish there was a way to put puppies in diapers like babies. They sure produce an extreme amount of excrement, given their relative size. One is all-but adopted already, another will probably be all-but adopted very soon (a family is coming to meet them tonight, I think). This gives me great hope that we'll be able to find families for all of them by the time they are eight weeks old (our goal). We've had some miscommunications with the rescue organization, so I'm not 100% sure if they are official wards of that organization or not yet, or if they will be. In some ways, it would be convenient for us if they weren't, because then we would not need to abide by the rescue's rules as far as when we can adopt them out. It's better if they are, though, because that gives us a structure and assistance for vetting potential adoptive families. Plus I really don't want there to be any bad blood between Mark and the rescue, because he's really enjoying volunteering for them. Hopefully Mark will get things with them sorted out today.

I don't think it's very practical for us to plan to keep them for more than a few weeks. I mean, if we have to, we will, but they are pretty much taking up every waking minute right now. Everything else is on hold. Mark and I did both manage to make our reservations for Christmas this week ($400 to fly to Oregon--ouch!), and I even made it to the gym yesterday afternoon, but it's a strain and I don't know how long we can keep it up.

It may seem that all I write about is puppies, but it's just because that's really all that's going on in my life right now. I am hoping to watch the last presidential debate tonight, since I missed the second one, but it will depend entirely on when puppy dinner time turns out to be, who needs to go out, who is whining, and whether I can keep my eyes open. The first debate had me so irritated I finally gave up on it and left the room, though, so maybe I should find a different means of relaxation...


that is very nice that you rescued the pups..like your pUpdate pun too! Do you have any pix of the puppies that you could post sometime??? i really like your site alot, the post about kittens was really cute too...Sophia

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