An argument for renter's insurance


We adopted out our last puppy on Sunday. This was a happy and sad occaison. Sad because we'd gotten quite used to her and we'll miss her, but mostly happy, because six and a half puppy-filled weeks is really enough. They've all gone to great families, we have done our job, and we feel good about it.

There were two things about which Mark and I were very excited. The first was having a clean house again. Puppies are messy. We spent all of Saturday afternoon/early evening cleaning, and had 75% of a deep-clean done, I'd say, by the time we crashed out to watch The Wire at 8 o'clock.

The second thing about which we were excited was a long, uninterrupted night's sleep. I happily crawled into bed early (11ish), while Mark stayed up for a bit reading and then took Chance for a walk. When Mark and Chancey came to bed at around midnight, it had just started raining. (Again. Still. It's been raining here for days.)

I woke up at about 1:15 to extremely loud thunder and pounding rain. Something just didn't quite feel right. I got up, I'm not sure exactly why--I think I was planning to look out the front window at the lightning. I walked into the living room and suddenly my feet were submerged. Being as I have been inundated with non-house trained dogs for the last month and a half, my first thought was pee puddle. But I quickly realized that a) the only dog in the house was locked in the bedroom, and b) there was WAY too much pee here for it to have come from a dog.

So I flipped on the light, and found that most of my living room and kitchen were under water. Yep. House flood. Wonderful.

So I woke Mark up and we started trying to figure out what the hell to do. First we shoved some towels under the front door to attempt to stop the water that was coming in from our flooded porch. Then we opened the kitchen door to try to get the water that was already in the kitchen to go out that way. Then we called our landlord.

Four hours later, after much furniture moving, Shop-vac'ing, pumping of water off the porch, digging of trenches, etc., we had no more standing water in the house. However, an elaborate system of fans and a dehumidifier had to be set up to dry everything out. It's loud, and the dehumidifier is drying my skin out.

It looks as if the damage is slight, as far as our posessions are concerned. As for the house itself, who knows? I can't imagine it's good for the floor or the walls. I've never been so happy not to be a homeowner.

And it's still fucking raining.

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It's been awhile...


Since we last spoke, the following things have happened:

1. We have adopted out 6 of 7 puppies.
2. The 7th puppy has kept me awake many nights.
3. I have grown a giant, preposterous looking zit right in the middle of my forehead.
4. I've been out and gotten rip roaringly drunk with a co-worker and some bosses, including the owner of the company, all on someone else's dime. And apparently hit on the big boss from the other company.
5. I've completely stopped going to the gym and re-started drinking Pepsi and eating like shit.
6. We've had sunny and 70+ weather and torrential rainstorms 24 hours apart.
7. I've decided that I don't want to go back to school next year, but I really should do it anyway.
8. My house has become a disaster.
9. I've built entire outfits to match my argyle knee socks.
10. I have not written a novel. Not even a paragraph.
11. I've begun to freak out once again about the possibility that I am a lesbian and I just don't know it.
12. I've seen an episode of Sex & the City. Ew.
13. I've heard my officemate talk on the phone in Croatian.
14. I've completely stopped reading the news, in an effort to ward off depression.
15. I've experienced "Flaming Dr. Pepper."
16. I've ordered knee-high boots.

I'm sure there is more. I can't think of it now, though. I wish I could think of something interesting to write. I can't. Sorry.

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Just another day in pre-revolutionary America


So we have four more years of Bush. My thoughts and feelings about this have been all over the map since Tuesday night. It was originally and continues to be depressing, but there is more to it than that. I had a hard time putting my finger on it until this morning.

I am deeply, deeply concerned that I live in a country where over 50% of the population will elect a man who promotes values that I find morally repugnant. My concern about another Bush presidency has little to do with my personal situation--being white and upwardly mobile, in fact, there would be some argument for me to join the Young Republicans. My taxes will be lower because of our esteemed leader. I am not personally part of the groups of people that suffer under Republican morality: I'm not poor, I'm not a minority (or especially an illegal immigrant), I'm not in a same-sex relationship, and if I needed an abortion, I could afford to go out of the country to get one. I'm not a college student losing financial aid, I'm not unemployed and losing benefits, and I'm not going to get drafted.

But none of that makes me feel any better, because, just as the far right vote and think in terms of morality, so, I've found, do I. And I am horrified by the morals of this administration. It is, in my mind, not only a stupid idea for a society as rich as we are not to take care of the less fortunate, it is wrong. It is not just dumb to send kids to a foreign land to kill people and get killed for the sake of Haliburton's profits, it is absolutely immoral. State control over women's bodies is not just insulting to me as a woman, it is, in my mind, an absolute moral wrong. Denying civil rights to people based on their sexuality? Quite simply wrong.

And when I think about why I think these things are wrong, it strangely goes back to the same place that the rights morals go back to: Christianity. I am not a Christian, but I know my value system has been built on largly Christian principles. And those principles tell me, quite clearly, that war is wrong. Increasing the discomfort and pain of the poor to line the pockets of the rich is wrong. Denying civil rights based on gender, sexuality, race is WRONG.

I am not totally comfortable talking about politics from a moral standpoint. In general, it seems that liberals aren't. But we've got to learn, I think, that we have as much right to our morals as they have to theirs. It is OK to say that something should be done or not done simply because it's the right thing to do.

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More puppy news


The whole herd of them got their first shots and heartworm pills Saturday morning (complete with 2+ hour wait at the cheap vet clinic). Monday, the tiny one, only weighs 7 lbs, but the rest of them are between 10-12.5 lbs., and all are healthy. We were quite the sight trying to haul them to the vet in two carriers and a leash.

Saturday afternoon we took the two black females, Saturday and Sunday, to their new homes. Sunday is now called Shika and is in a lovely home with a mom, a dad, a two-year old girl, and a 16 year-old Sheltie. She seemed to fit right in. Saturday is now called Pancho and is a companion to another black Lab, 7 month-old Lefty. They live with a male graduate student in the suburbs.

On Sunday, we placed two more of them. Monday, my baby, was the hardest to let go. His new home is with a grandmother, a mother, a three year-old girl, and a rescue Pomeranian, in the suburbs on the other side of the city. The grandma is home during the day, so he'll get lots of attention. They aren't sure if they are going to keep the name Monday, or do as the three year-old is insisting and name him Rabbit. Tuesday is the one my boss adopted, and we took him yesterday as well. His new home is with a dad, a mom and a 13 year-old boy. They have never had a dog before and are very excited. His name is now Strongbow, after Strongbow Cider, and he's to be called Bo for short.

I feel really good about all four placements. I feel pretty certain that they will all work out and the dogs and people will be happy. So now we are down to three, one blonde girl and two black boys. There is an application pending on the girl (Friday), and I think it will probably be approved. I am trying to think of ways to stir up more interest in the boys, as it would be great to get them all adopted out in the next week or so. If not, though, handling three of them is SO much easier than handling seven. I feel very good about the whole situation.

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