An argument for renter's insurance


We adopted out our last puppy on Sunday. This was a happy and sad occaison. Sad because we'd gotten quite used to her and we'll miss her, but mostly happy, because six and a half puppy-filled weeks is really enough. They've all gone to great families, we have done our job, and we feel good about it.

There were two things about which Mark and I were very excited. The first was having a clean house again. Puppies are messy. We spent all of Saturday afternoon/early evening cleaning, and had 75% of a deep-clean done, I'd say, by the time we crashed out to watch The Wire at 8 o'clock.

The second thing about which we were excited was a long, uninterrupted night's sleep. I happily crawled into bed early (11ish), while Mark stayed up for a bit reading and then took Chance for a walk. When Mark and Chancey came to bed at around midnight, it had just started raining. (Again. Still. It's been raining here for days.)

I woke up at about 1:15 to extremely loud thunder and pounding rain. Something just didn't quite feel right. I got up, I'm not sure exactly why--I think I was planning to look out the front window at the lightning. I walked into the living room and suddenly my feet were submerged. Being as I have been inundated with non-house trained dogs for the last month and a half, my first thought was pee puddle. But I quickly realized that a) the only dog in the house was locked in the bedroom, and b) there was WAY too much pee here for it to have come from a dog.

So I flipped on the light, and found that most of my living room and kitchen were under water. Yep. House flood. Wonderful.

So I woke Mark up and we started trying to figure out what the hell to do. First we shoved some towels under the front door to attempt to stop the water that was coming in from our flooded porch. Then we opened the kitchen door to try to get the water that was already in the kitchen to go out that way. Then we called our landlord.

Four hours later, after much furniture moving, Shop-vac'ing, pumping of water off the porch, digging of trenches, etc., we had no more standing water in the house. However, an elaborate system of fans and a dehumidifier had to be set up to dry everything out. It's loud, and the dehumidifier is drying my skin out.

It looks as if the damage is slight, as far as our posessions are concerned. As for the house itself, who knows? I can't imagine it's good for the floor or the walls. I've never been so happy not to be a homeowner.

And it's still fucking raining.

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