Anorectic 2, in pictures


So I wanted to illustrate what I was saying in that post about anorexia.

Here are some pictures of people the media has called anorexic/done "anorexic how-to" stories about:

Mary-Kate Olsen

Tracey Gold

Whitney Houston

Now, here are some women the media thinks look great:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Various soap opera stars (Carly from General Hospital and Bianca from All My Children. Please don't ask why I know that.)

Tell me, how big a difference do YOU see?

What's worse? Renee Zellwegger (whom, as I have said before, I really like).

She sometimes looks like this:

And sometimes looks like this:

Now, which one of those is supposed to be the healthy weight?


I think this follow up is great to your original post. I've been reading about compulsive overeating as an eating disorder and I'm just realizing that its not publicized because I think we do hold up anorexia/bulemia as a higher standard to achieve rather than as an illness in our society. To lump in overeating would take away from that awe inspiring willpower that "eating disorders" have. keep writing.

I'd love if you could write some more about this subject. I look at those photos and I get completely grossed out; there's no possible way that I could regard them as a standard or even as sexy. At the same time, I'm older, and the impossibly-thin-is-best standard hadn't really taken hold in the 1960s, Twiggy notwithstanding. I just don't understand how someone can look at those photos and find those women attractive (and, frankly, most men I know would be as grossed out as I am), and I also don't understand how someone can see those photos as a standard. I'm repeating myself, aren't I? anyway, anything that you can write that helps make clear the process by which that standard takes hold in one's head would be really interesting to me.

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