The Big News


Blogging has kind of fallen off the "To Do" list this week. Actually, I have part of several entries written and saved as drafts, but finishing them has fallen off the list.

But there is a reason.

The reason is that WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

Well, let's back up. We're buying a house. We have an offer on a house that should be accepted in writing by the seller today. We have an inspection on a house on Tuesday. We have financing offers for a house from several reputable companies. But we have to wait until April 25, then we will actually HAVE the house. Which, given everything we're going to have to do between now and then, is just fine.

And what a house it is. To say it is everything I dreamed of and more sounds really trite, but it honestly it. I could not be happier with it. I can't figure out a way to link to the pictures without linking to the address, which doesn't seem smart, so that will have to wait. Instead, I will bore you with the list of things it has that I wanted but didn't think we could get:

  • French doors. There are actually FOUR sets of French doors in the house--a triple set in the living room and a set in the master bedroom, all of which open into the most amazing yard (garden is really a better word for it).
  • Doors outside from the bedroom (see above) for easy letting the dog out when we're sleeping in. :)
  • An actual "master suite," with master bath and walk-in closet.
  • A good-sized indoor laundry room/mudroom/pantry with lots of storage.
  • An attached garage (two-car even!).
  • A beautiful, residential neighborhood that is also just a few blocks from major city thoroughfares.
  • Location a few blocks from a public park.
  • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • A beautiful, amazing, magical, storybook yard, complete with pond/waterfall, arbor, flagstone paths, amazing plants...
  • A huge built-in bookcase taking up one whole living room wall.
  • Poured concrete and butcher block kitchen counters.
  • Open kitchen shelving rather than upper cabinets (but there are hand-carved lower cabinets).
  • Wood privacy fence.
  • Corner lot (neighbor on only one side!).
  • Open kitchen/living room/dining room.
  • Uniqueness (the listing calls it an "artist or landscaper's dream house," and it really is). This includes multicolored tile in the entry, seagrass carpeting, and a million other unique and lovely features.
So I'm pretty much on Cloud 9. Pictures to come...


Wow! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! We're not too far off from house hunting ourselves, so it's really great to hear such a wonderful story as yours!


Wow. What an awesome house! The pictures are great. And it's even decorated in such a way that you can see the awesomeness and don't have to imagine what it would look like without the pink gingham wallpaper. Congratulations!

You are together for 25. I wish I was as, then.

Your house is gorgeous. It reminds me of the one I just sold, due to a divorce. I now live in a small house in town....but more happily, I must say.

I wish you happiness in your new home. And, of course, I'm jealous too! Best.

Having seen the garden pics, i bet Chance is pretty happy too. :)

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