Coloring it all in


We closed on the house this afternoon! Closing went as well as I possibly could have imagined, with an added bonus of our monthly payment being $125 less than we had estimated it would be (due to our overestimating taxes and insurance). How cool is that?

After closing, we came home and got a picnic dinner and Chance and went and spent the evening at the new house. We finally had the chance to run from room to room, holding paint swatches up against the wall, and we choose our colors.

The living room is currently painted a very light gray, with built-in bookcases painted dark blue. We are repainting the bookcases, because I don't like the shade they are and because the paint is in bad shape, and painting one wall (an "accent wall," as they say.) The book cases will be Blue Reef (scroll down to see it) and the accent wall will be Beach Purple (again, scroll down).

The hall is currently lavender and it's awful and must go immediately. We wanted something to blend all of the other rooms together, so we picked Dream Catcher. The trim will be white.

Our bedroom is currently the grossest sponge-painted yellow you could imagine. It is a beautiful little room, with French doors that look out to the yard, and we want a mellow, peaceful feel, so we choose Eeyore's Rain Cloud (bottom left-yep, it's from the Disney Behr collection). The trim here will be white as well.

We wanted to keep the color in the spare bedroom mellow and peaceful as well (it is currently a different, but no less nauseating, lavender than the hall)l, so we choose Contemplation, with white trim.

Finally, the office is in the front of the house and has bigger windows and more light than the other two rooms, plus it isn't meant to be a bedroom, so won't need to be as peaceful (and it's far from it right now, painted bright lime green). We went back to our living room color ideas there, choosing Cozumel (second row from the bottom). The trim there will be white, too.

What do you think?


So, so happy for you. There is nothing like your first house. Getting to finally try all the things you've dreamed about for so long, but didn't dare for fear of losing that security deposit. And knowing, it can be yours as long as you like. Enjoy.

We thought about crashing your picnic, but decided to leave you in peace.;) Can't wait to see it! Congratulations.

So awesome!! Huge congratulations! I'm so happy for and proud of you two. The paint colors are beautiful. They all have a lot of blue in them--very mellow and calming. Are there other colors in the house that you are leaving, or will the house interior paint have a blue theme? Have you thought about having one bright, non-blue/grey room that you can escape to when *you're* feeling "blue"? Like something in red, yellow, or orange?

The paint colours all have such nice names... although they're not very descriptive.

The kitchen and entry are very bright, with good light and bright colored floor tiles, and as you might or might not remember, my dishes and kitchen chairs are in a primary-colored theme, so I think that will be the "bright" room.

The kitchen as a bright room is good. You guys spend a lot of time there, and cooking is happy (if you like it). I think our kitchen will be blue-grey, but the dining room is going to be some sort of flaming red. Happy painting!

My understanding is that bright rooms and yellow rooms lead to violence in those rooms. Is that myth? Did I really not need to paint everything soothing tope in order to safeguard myself? But seriously - isn't yellow supposed to be one of those colors you think is going to make a room cheery, but it turns out it just makes you mad?

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