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From Scand:

If you could run into anyone from your past (who's still alive today), whom (who?) would it be?

Hrm...I had a dream about the guy I dated briefly during my freshman year in HS a couple of weeks ago and then Googled him, and I'd be curious to see what he's like now. He's in the profession he wanted to be in when I knew him, which I think is really interesting. I'm curious as to what has become of other people I was madly in love with (heh) in my younger and stupider days as well, but mostly I think knowing would probably depress me.

Mainly, if I want to still be in touch with someone, I am.

How 'bout 3 things that you love about your new house?

Only three? I could give you three hundred!

Top three of the moment:
1. The constant soothing sound of running water from the three fountains.
2. Indoor laundry with machines that were built in my lifetime.
3. Build-in living room bookcase.


built in living room bookcases! i am envious. i desperately need more bookcases of any type. howl

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