I talked to my friend The Princess last night, and she kindly pointed out to me that though I have left cryptic clues in my blog, I haven't actually said whether I have moved yet or not, how things are going with the new house, etc. And since there are some folks who use this thing to keep up with me, perhaps it would be good for me to give an update.

Well, we're moved in. We've actually been moved in for almost two weeks. And things are going and have gone rather swimmingly, with a few exceptions.

Packing was pretty much a nightmare, as Mark had a million work/school related things that had to be done (end of the semester) and I basically had to pack by myself. The move itself, though, was great (well, after some morning hassles from U-Haul). Mark managed to wrangle 4 of his lab folks to help us out, plus the amazing Tony, and we got everything moved in just a few hours.

Unpacking has been less successful, but we're getting there. At this point, everything except for the office and the garage is pretty put together. I hope to make a final push this weekend (Mark is going to be out of town) and get everything ship-shape for our housewarming party next weekend. Every time something else gets unpacked or put away, I love the house a little bit more. It really is almost perfect.


We had our first homeowner problem last weekend, when I looked in the kitchen sink Saturday morning and saw that the draining washing machine was backing up into it. We spent much of the weekend snaking and plunging (and arguing about snaking and plunging) to no avail, and ended up $100 poorer after having a plumber come out on Monday. But everything works now, and hopefully the grease build up won't cause this to happen again anytime soon.

In other news, I have been thinking a lot about my life and changes I need to make, and I've come up with three main goals, in order from easiest to hardest:
1. Stop biting my fingernails, it's disgusting and it is part of the reason I am sick all the time.
2. Live on a budget. For real. Without cheating.
3. Go on a diet, wherein diet means both learning to eat healthier foods in general and restricting calories as much as is needed to take off the extra weight I've put on in the past year. This also needs to include regular exercise.

So far my progress isn't stellar, but it's not bad, either. I have some stuff I am putting on my fingernails to help them get stronger, and I'm not biting them (though I'm still picking at the cuticles some, and still have gross, bleeding cuticles). I am one week into my new budget and am on track there, with spending money taken out in cash every two weeks on the "when it's gone, it's gone" principle. As always, the third goal is the most elusive, but my amazing friend M. is helping me, and I am developing a plan to get what I need to do done without feeling horribly deprived. I am so bad at moderation.

So yeah. That's where I'm at. Thanks for caring.


Go Grace! Here's a site I found helpful in figuring out calories. I also use a book of calorie counts (Art Ulene, maybe, is the author?). The site is useful because it disparages the magic bullet approaches. It provides helpful tools for figuring out how many calories you burn, and how many you want to eliminate in order to lose X amount of weight, if you want to think of it that way. but, in general, I really think your idea of eating healthier foods and getting exercise--i.e., a lifestyle adjustment rather than a "diet," per se--is a good one. Good luck to you on this and all of your other goals. And congrats on the new house!!

stop biting fingernails? wait, i don't understand?

I wasn't trying to point anything out - I was simply expressing my own ignorance! :)

Only $100? That's way cheap. Good for you! frog, who paid about three times that not long ago to a plumber for a smallish task

Whew, go you! Three difficult self-discipline tasks sounds like a lot to begin at once, tho, in addition to moving and stuff. It'd be great to succeed at all of them--and you sound like you're off to a smashing start--but if you start slipping, you may want to save one or two of those goals for later, after you get two or one of them well-established. Congrats on being mostly moved in! You're probably more moved in than we are... I was looking around at our house today and realizing how much we still need to unpack and organize. It doesn't help, tho, that our kitchen is currently in our dining and living rooms. Be sure to post pics of your housewarming party! Wish I could be there!

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