I'm it!


Frog tagged me!

List your six favorite songs and tag six others to do the same.

1. Me and Bobby McGee, Kris Kristofferson
2. Pancho and Lefty, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings
3. School Night, Ani DiFranco
4. As Cool As I Am, Dar Williams
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel
6. Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones

Who's it now?
Scand, from Sweat Equity
Melinda, from Drinking Coffee, Playing with Scissors
Nyarly, from Nyarlathotep's Miscellany
The Princess, from The Flooded Lizard Kingdom
Portia, from The Winding Sheet
Dana, from Dana, Shameless Agitator


I don't have anyone to tag, unfortunately (*sniff*). But here're my 6 faves, in order of when I thought to write them down: Only Living Boy in New York, Paul Simon -- a timeless "parting with your best friend" song. April Come She Will, Simon & Garfunkel -- B. and I like to sing this one together. Awesome guitar melody. You Had Time, Ani DiFranco -- best fusion of piano and guitar. Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell -- as someone who dreads winter, this is my favorite song in mid-fall, when the leaves begin turning and I know I'm in for 5 long months of cold & snow. Night Swimming, REM -- always makes me think of when you, me, Tony, and Joe went skinny dipping at Loon Lake, and that summer in general. Ingrid Bergman, Billy Bragg & Wilco -- an honest and corny love song.

Woah. I had forgotten about that utterly ridiculous skinny dipping experience (and that whole utterly ridiculous time period). God I'm glad to be a grown up. :)

in no particular order, long-time favorites and recent discoveries, and by no means comprehensive, i give you my list: 1. hallelujah (leonard cohen and covers by various others) 2. cold, cold ground (tom waits) 3. big time sensuality (bjork) 4. charlotte sometimes (the cure) 5. good day (dresden dolls) 6. sometimes (james)

I just posted my failed attempt at this at http://www.livejournal.com/users/unwiredben/134857.html. It's once removed from your post, since I stole it from The Princess.

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