Chance is in at the emergency vet. He had surgery late last night for bloat. His stomach was completely turned and it is not yet 100% sure if parts of it died off or not (they did not think so when the did the surgery, so nothing was removed). If he lives through the next few days without complications, he should be fine (we are currently told the chances of this happening are 80-90%). If there are complications, it likely means that part of his stomach is dead and there could be infection. This would mean another surgery and his chances of living through it would be very decreased (50%, possibly lower depending on the extent of the damage).

This dog is my family. Please, please if you believe at all in praying or sending good vibes or whatever you do for animals, do it.


Sorry to hear your dog is sick. If it is a comfort, I have been dreaming about dogs menacing me (very small dogs.)

Why in the world would that be a comfort? Anyway... Grace, I love you and I am sending all the positive energy in my world towards Chance. Please let me know if you need anything at all.

Have been doing so since HandM told me what happened. I'm so sorry we didn't get to see you, but you guys are good parents for heading home to give your puppy love.

I definitely am sending on very positive vibes to Chance. I know that you will take excellent care of him when he comes home.

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