Mark and I have started looking for a new dog. There's a lot of controversy about whether or not that's a good idea at this stage--Chance has only been gone for a week--but it definitely feels right to me, and I think it's beginning to feel right to Mark as well.

We haven't met anyone yet, but I've been in touch with some fosters and rescues and we have some contenders. One is a 1 year-old female Bernese named Cookie. I don't have a picture of her yet, but her personality sounds great, if a bit on the hyper side for us, and I absolutely love Bernese Mountain Dogs. She's at a rescue in Dallas, and I am communicating with someone there to get more information about her.

Anther contender is Leo. Leo is an Irish Wolfhound-Pry mix. He's at a rescue north of Dallas. He is estimated to be around 4 years old, whch is a bit older than we would like. It sounds like he has a great personality--very gentle, very loving, very mellow. He hasn't shown any signs of abuse or fear or aggression issues. He was found living by an abandoned mobile home in the middle of nowhere, nearly starved to death. He's now healthy and is weighing in at about 120 lbs.

Isn't he a beautiful boy?


A bit close to home (just over at the Williamson County ASPCA), we have Maddie. We don't know anything about her yet, but isn't she gorgeous?

Mark and I are going back and forth about whether or not it makes sense to go three hours to rescue a dog when we could rescue one right here in Austin. Why look for specific breeds and such when there are so many wonderful dogs being put down right here every day? It's a legitimate question, but we both feel drawn towards very large dogs, and there don't seem to be any in the Austin rescue circuit currnently, aside from a number of Great Danes. I'd be happy to adopt a Dane myself--I think they are super cute and they tend to have great, mellow personalities--but Mark is adverse to them.


leo is gorgeous (i have a weak spot for irish wolfhounds), and maddie is really beautiful too.

Leo is about the most gorgeous animal I've ever seen. Seriously.

Beautiful dog. I'd wait a little bit though. Your new pup will be a handful (4 years old or not). It'll be a hard adjustment-- especially since you just lost your dog. There's no rush. When you're ready there will be plenty of big gorgeous dogs for you-- waiting for a good home.

Thank you for the advice, but I think we're going to ignore it. We need another dog. Our house is too empty, and we feel like Leo is too perfect to pass up. Pending a conversation with his foster mom tomorrow, we are going to apply to adopt him.

Leo is just as I'd pictured him in my mind during our conversation last week. Gorgeous boy! I hope it works out. If it doesn't and you do want to go the Pyr route (I would never have thought so, but Maddie's pic made me re-think that), check out the Pyr rescue network here: This is where we found Seamus. He wasn't even included in the photo lineup--they get new dogs in all the time, sadly. But Leo seems really cool, so I'll have my fingers crossed for you. When I picked up the dogs last night, and I saw Tosca, I teared up all over again. I know she'll miss her "boyfriend".:(

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