He's here!


Actual text about our adventures in picking him up to come, but until then, pictures!!


Looks pretty comfy in his new home, no?

Leo in the garden

Exploring the garden jungle.

Leo with a toy

Learning about toys.

Leo after a bath

After his much-needed first bath.

Isn't he cute? So far he's an absolute joy, but I'll fill in the details later.


he is a beauty, grace! can't wait to meet him!

Did he really change colour after his bath, or is it just a difference in light between the two shots?

What a cutie. And he's so chill! The pictures crack me up: "Leo exploring his new toy" = Leo chilling beside his toy. "Leo exploring the garden" = Leo laying in the garden. Even his post-bath pose is relaxed! And I had the same question as Nella--did he really change color so dramatically with his bath? If so, he really did need a bath!

Yes, the color change is all bath. He was filthy. He'd been living outside and it showed. In reality, he's pure white.

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