Leo and the one that got away


Leo lying down

I just talked to the woman who runs the rescue where Leo is. We are going to adopt him. I am so, so happy. It feels very right, adopting a dog his age (they are now guessing him at closer to 6 than 4). We will be able to give him the spoiled, mellow old age that we weren't able to give Chance.

Like all things, though, there is some sadness in this. Specifically, I also heard back about Cookie, the Bernese (now called Caroline by her rescue, which is a much better name, I think). She sounds delightful as well, and is, as you can see, quite beautiful in a goofy puppy way. I would have loved to have her. Mark and I even taked about taking them both (they both get on well with other dogs), but decided that Leo needs some time to adjust to us and to living inside and everything else before we get another dog, especially a fairly hyper young dog. So someone else will have to make a good home for Caroline. I hope that they do.


How exciting that you get to bring home Leo! He is gorgeous!!

Leo's definitely a beaut, and he looks mellow and calm and really lovable. You guys were great for Chance, and you'd be excellent for a dog with behavioral problems, but you also earned a mellow, calm dog after all the cost and time of obedience training. Leo looks like a wonderful dog. I know your sign, but is Mark a Leo? Not that it's either here or there, but just curious with the dog's name and all...

Nope. Mark's birthday is only 5 days after mine. The consumate virgin. :)

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