There will never be another


There will never be another dog like this dog.


(sorry if I am double posting) I know there are no words for you right now, Grace. Dogs are the absolute best thing that can ever happen to a person, IMO. We just don't deserve them. I know you loved Chance with all your heart, and so did he. I doubt he would have chosen any person other than you. As I recall, you saved him from an unhappy life. I am so sorry he had to leave you.

Oh my God, honey. I just saw this. (My cell phone's battery is gone right now, so I can't call you.) Chance was a phenomenal dog. I'm just stunned. I can't believe he is gone. I am so, so very sorry. I will never forget the last time we saw him. I'll never forget how he felt under my hands as I pet him. I'm grateful to have those memories. Thank you. Damn it. It is so fucking unfair.

Oh Grace, I wish it hadn't turned out like this. I know how much he meant to you and Mark. I wish I had met him, but the picture we have in Casa de Monkies of you three after he got a training certificate is one of my favorites. He's so lucky to have had such great people as you and Mark.

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