A tale of Atticus


AtticusSo last weekend I finally broke Mark's resolve and he agreed to getting a cat. I went to the Humane Society a couple of times this week, but they were closed due to helping with animal refugees from Katrina. Undeterred, I got in touch with a couple of private rescues locally. I set up an appointment to go look at a kitty after work this evening, and went off to Petsmart on my lunch hour to obtain kitty paraphanelia.

Like all my best laid plans, this one went awry. What was meant to be a quick trip to get a litter box turned into a two-hour cat adoption session.

See, the Petsmart near where I work had a bank of cats in tiny 2'X2' cells pens. They were from the Humane Society in a small town outside Austin. Apparently they hope for greater visibility at the Petsmart, so they rotate some of their cats through there, with the hope they'll be adopted. After I bought my cart full of paraphanelia, I went to glance and them.

And there he was. There was a pen full of kittens, and there were several pens of older adult cats, and between them, there was a cat named "Sam." "Sam" was rumored to be three months old, though I'd guess he's a bit older. He was literally bouncing off the walls of his little cage. He looked like Potter, a little bit. I opened up his pen and he snuggled on me for about 20 seconds, then ran back and forth across the tiny cat room as if he was being chased, then climbed the wall of wire mesh cages and jumped off.

And there was no choice. My cat had found me.

So I went back after work and picked him up. Petsmart isn't exactly rigorous in their adoption process. It took me about 30 minutes all together. Paid them the $75 and now he's part of our pack.

So he's in the laundry room, on one side of the baby gate, and Leo is on the other. So far, so good. Atticus has bailed out and run around a couple of times. Leo has attempted to chase and been far outrun. I think they'll be fine together, but we're going to try to go a bit slow, just to make sure. Leo is very, very interested in Atticus. Atticus is less interested in Leo. Atticus is, however, very interested in toys.

More to come, I'm sure. I've been waiting for this for quite some time.

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