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Ladies and gentlemen, I present Atticus (Catticus)!


cute! he has trouble in his eyes. how old? and what's his story?

What a beaut! He is SOOOOOO cute. Out of curiosity--as a feminist, can you speak on your opinion about owning all-male pets? Is it something you ever think about? I just ask because I've always been partial to female pets, and currently I wouldn't consider getting anything but a female pet. I sometimes dog-sit for a woman (who happens to be in an almost entirely all-woman profession, a single mom of one daughter, and a lesbian), and I'm always mystified about her ownership of a large, assertively-male MALE dog. Why would she go through so much effort to surround herself by female humans and then get a male dog? Anyhow, it's something I've always wondered about, and I wondered what your opinion on the subject was. But getting back to your cat--he's gorgeous!! I already love him. What's the story behind the name?

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