Four Fours for Friday


This site has a four-question meme every Friday. I'm bored, so I am going do the last four of them. Four is a nice number. (The questions are in black, my responses are in color.)

From October 7, 2005:


Q: What are four (4) of your favorite words?
Incendiary, moped, lavacious, grueling.

Q: What are four (4) things you hope to do this weekend?
Get some reading done, watch some football, sleep in, wash Leo.

Q: What are the four (4) things you say most often?
"I'm tired," "No problem," "No way!," "Woah."

Q: What are four (4) things you wish you could do right now?
Leave work, take a nap, put on some yoga pants, take a shower.

Q: What are four (4) things that turn you on?
Full lips, a sense of humor, being well-read, passion about things.

Q: What are four (4) things you know you can't do?
Ski, play the guitar, write code, meditate.

Q: What are your four (4) favorite things to do?

Read, take baths, watch movies, play with my pets.

Q: What four (4) sounds or noises do you absolutely hate?
The vacuum cleaner, scraping/squeaking noises, Sarah Vowell's voice, smooth jazz.

From October 14, 2005:

Q1: When you were in high school or college, did you purchase/wear a class or school ring? If so, do you wear it anymore?
I had one for a little while in high school, but I lost it. If I hadn't, I wouldn't wear it. It just seems kind of silly to me now. Plus it was ugly. Plus I don't wear rings because my knuckles are too huge.

Q2: How often do you use a public or college or university library? What's the last book you checked out of a library?
I never use the university library. I used to use the public library quite a lot, but haven't recently because all I have time to read is stuff for school, which I buy, and I have a backlog of books bought at the Goodwill for pleasure reading. I can't remember what the last book I checked out was...probably something about how to find yourself or figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

Q3: Earlier this week, Apple introduced a video-enabled version of its ubiquitous iPod. Do you own an iPod or MP3 player? If so, do you download and listen to non-music podcasts? If you do listen to podcasts, which ones are you currently subscribed/listening to? If you do not own an iPod or comparable device, would you like to have one? If so, do you think you'd use your new iPod mostly for music or podcasts?

I have an iPod mini, which I got free through one of those online things where you sign up for trial subscriptions and stuff, and I just last night got an iPod shuffle as a free gift with subscription to I don't listen to podcasts, or at least haven't yet. Mainly what I use my iPod for is to listen to audiobooks at the gym.

Q4: How concerned are you about a widespread outbreak of what's being called the Avian Flu?
I probably should be concerned, but I'm not. If I let myself think about things like that, I get a little nuts, so I try not to.

From October 21, 2005:

Q1: When you're in the privacy of your own home, what--if anything--do you tend to read while you�re in the bathroom?
Whatever magazines are in there. Right now I think there is a Real Simple on the top of the pile.

Q2: How did you first learn about your current job?
From my friend S. It was her job, and she was leaving it to adopt her baby.

Q3: On this date in 1915, American Telephone and Telegraph Company engineers in Arlington, Virginia, initiated the very first transatlantic radiotelephone call (they called a telephone placed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France). What was the last country you placed a call to besides your own? Hrm. I don't know that I've ever called overseas, actually.

Q4: If you had picked the winning numbers in this week's Powerball Jackpot, which was worth an estimated $340,000,000.00, you would have been given the option of choosing between a one-time cash payment of $170 Million, or 30 annual payments of approximately $5.6 Million each. Which would you choose and why? The yearly sum, I think. Doesn't it turn out to be more money that way? I'd probably consult a financial advisor or something. I'd do whichever way is more money. I don't see a particular benefit in getting it all at once--$5.6 million to begin with would really be fine. :)

From today, October 28, 2005:

Q1: What are the directions for making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? Um, put peanut butter and jelly on bread? Am I missing something with this question?

Q2: How many weddings have you been to, and what is your most memorable wedding-related moment?

Hrm...I haven't been to all that many. Maybe 10-15 in my whole life? The most memorable was definitely my friend Scand's, which was way out in the middle of Amish country in Minnesota on a farm with no electricity. It was a simple, small ceremony in the middle of the forest, and it was lovely, aside from the rain and the misquitos...The most memorable moment, though, was when the groom's dad got up to read a poem and began with, "Rhubarb...soup!"

Q3: Would you rather spend money on good times and nice things now or invest it for the future?
I'd like to say the latter, but it's obviously the former, given my lack of savings. Hopefully I am getting better about that. You have to strike a balance, I'd think.

Q4: Earlier this week, while acknowledging that there's an acute shortage of priests in the Roman Catholic Church, bishops from around the world reaffirmed the Church's stance on celibacy for its clergy. In your opinion, should Catholic priests be allowed to marry?
Yes. The whole celibacy thing just seems ridiculous to me.

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