Letter to Target


In case anybody was wondering what to say, here is what I'm saying:

Target Executive Corporation
PO Box 9350
Minneapolis, MN 55440

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform the Target Corporation of the loss of my business. I have been a Target shopper for over ten years, and in recent years have shopped at Target nearly exclusively for many food items, personal care products, house wares, clothes, etc. I estimate that my household spent about $5,000 at Target last year. Recently, I started filling my several hundred dollars per month worth of prescriptions at Target. I have always been very happy with Target's selection, prices, and customer service. I am sad to say that all of my business will cease immediately.

Target's recent decision to allow pharmacists to not fill customers' prescriptions for Plan B irrevocably changes all my previous good will towards your corporation and your stores. I am incensed that the Target Corporation finds it acceptable to allow its pharmacists to discriminate against women in this way. No pharmacist should have a right to refuse a patient a legal prescription. Target's excuses for this policy, that it "protects the civil liberties" of your employees, leaves me even more angry. How will you protect these "civil liberties" when you hire someone who doesn't want to sell condoms or Viagra? How about someone who thinks Harry Potter books are Satanic and doesn't want to stock the shelves with them, or ring them up at the register? It is clear that this explanation is simply an excuse to allow discrimination against women, and that is something I absolutely refuse to support.

I would love to be able to resume my business with Target. However, until this policy is reversed and a public apology issued, I will not. While it may well be more expensive and more inconvenient for me to take my business elsewhere, I will continue to shop at other stores rather than Target until I hear that these actions have been taken. I will encourage my friends and family to do the same, and several of them have already agreed to boycott your stores. It is my understanding that other people all across the United States are taking or preparing to take the same action. Coming into the holiday season, I am sure many of us would have been making major expenditures at your stores, and due to this discriminatory, anti-woman policy, we will now be making those expenditures elsewhere.

I am fiercely disappointed in Target for enforcing this policy, and for issuing such a blatantly false explanation for it. I sincerely hope that the economic consequences of your discriminatory behavior haunt you this Christmas season, and I will do everything within my personal power to make sure that is the case.


Grace Mitchell


FANTASTIC letter!!! Good for you!

Amazingly articulate letter, Grace. I don't know what the etiquette is for these things, but would you be against my blatantly plagiarising your letter and sending a letter of my own to Target?

Not at all. Plagarize away.

I am a busybody fuck, and I say you should take the first sentence and put it at the end of the paragraph. Make the point of what a great loyal customer you are, then tell them you are going away. Cheap, sure. Possibly pointless, yes. But I like to tell people how to change their letters.

Cool, thanks Grace. To be a complete lazybones about it, would you mind telling me the address I should send the letter to as well? I'm not sure which department to direct such letters to (letter-writing neophyte....). Thanks!

The address I got from Wyz is at the top of the letter, Anais. That's the one I'm using.

Oops, duh. Sorry, it's been a long week of being holed up in the basement of my university library :) This is great, letter snet!

Hi Grace. Please feel free to tell me to mind my own business, but are you sure you want to put your full name as well as your location on your blog? Great letter though.

sorry, just saw elsewhere how irrelevant that suggestion was! It also sounded very patronising - I know you are perfectly competent in use of the internets. Forgive me, I was/am sick and feeling very out of it. Take care!

Thanks for posting your letter and through that keeping me informed about the Target issue. I don't go there often but had been desiring some of their cleaning products. Now I think I'm going to look up how to make my own daily shower spray on the internet!

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