What do I need?


This bit of silliness is from Rahel over at Going Dutch.

Instructions: Google "*your first name* needs" and see what the Internet thinks you need.

Grace needs:

  • to see what she has helped cause (um, globally?)
  • no help to perservere (wow, that's pretty self-sufficient sounding)
  • to find her will (hrm...find her willpower, maybe...)
  • a new home (I do?)
  • a shrink (yeah, like that's news)

  • a lodger to help restore her house (that will be news to Mark...)
  • to be reading from books (to read from fewer books would actually be better)
  • to learn how to be a little more graceful (this is a lost cause)
  • to touch up (I like this, it's mysterious--touch up what?)
  • to find someone (news to me)
  • to access a file given with a relative pathname (right, but that would be, like, work)
  • external libraries (as opposed to internal ones?)
  • to be recalled (because her parts are defective)
  • more one on one time to be properly trained (many would agree with this)

  • to be a star (I'll say!)
  • no such help (not sure what this one even means)
  • a computing platform that supports Java (I think I have one, actually)
  • a man (um, no)
  • to be exercised (true)
  • to close down shop (I think not!)
  • that human foundation (I'm pretty sure I'm human down to the foundation)
  • new servants (ha!)
  • to be cultivated (it's gonna be an uphill battle)

  • as much healing as a Pilgrim (are Pilgrims in particular need of healing?)
  • to hide a terrible secret (makes me sound very mysterious...)
  • to stop worrying about Chloe (the only Chloe I know is an 8-lb Yorkie-Poo--I don't spend much time worrying about her)
  • to be read and taken to heart (in an ideal world, that's what the blog is for)
  • to find some class (again, a long uphill battle)
  • Tender Loving Care (I'm actually pretty good in that department)
  • to assemble a subcommittee (not if we have to have meetings)
  • to see *everything* (no shit)
  • to find out fast (again, true)

  • an assistant (probably wouldn't hurt, but man I'd be a pain to work for)
  • to be experienced (this would certainly help with the job hunt)
  • constant care (I don't think so, but Mark would likely disagree)
  • help with the simplest chores (only if it involves cooking)
  • a Guide (like a guide to life?)
  • big money (sure!)
  • to be seen and felt (definitely)
  • a family committed to immediate obedience training (OK, that one is just funny)
  • immortality (not really a big desire of mine)

  • our cooperation (that would indeed make things easier)
This meme rules. You all should totally do it.

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