Book recommendations needed


I am finally seeing the light at the end of the semester tunnel, and I am getting all excited about reading for pleaure again. And reading real books, not the light stuff I've been reading in between school books. So I need recommendations! Specifically, I am interested in:

1. Really good biographies. Doesn't matter who the subject is, I love a good biography.
2. Face-paced non-U.S. history books. In specific, I'd like to read something comprehensive about the Russian Revolution. French and Chinese Revolutions would be interesting as well.
3. Really spectacular fiction. I'm not much for fiction in general these days, so it has to be really excellent fiction for me to be willing to devote much time to it.


I just got this one: You might like it. Amazon

The Giant, O'Brien by Hilary Mantel That's a novel. I think heem very good.

I'm in your position too - looking forward to the between semester reading that's NOT for school. I splurged and bought two books, one of which is a Phillipa Gregory book (the new one). She's a historical fiction writer - a genre which I find really interesting. The first one of hers that I encountered was this one: It's historical, but it's fiction, and I've always loved old history stuff like that. I'm a nerd. I'm amazed that I don't have anything else to suggest. Other than textbooks. I used to read 2 and 3 novels at a time...then came graduate school and put the kibosh on that... :-)

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