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We had a big weekend at my house this weekend. Friday night was the usual laze about, but Saturday was jam packed with activity. First, Mark and I took Atty and Leo to the vet, Atty to get microchipped and Leo to get blood work down. Atty screamed like he was being killed while they were inserting the chip, but was otherwise fine. Leo was a trooper, but we're under strict orders to reduce his food intake, as he's up to 135 lbs, when he'd be healthier at closer to 110. Which is totally my fault, I'll admit it. I just couldn't see how fat he was getting.

Post-vet visit, we went mattress shopping. What a nightmare that was. Went to Sears and saw 6 twin sized floor models of extremely expensive mattresses and nobody helped us. Went to another Sears and found the entire store overrun with people in UT apparel lining up to have their pictures taken with the Rose Bowl trophy (no, I'm not joking). Then we went to the Mattress Firm Clearance Center, which was horrible in that slimy salesperson way, but at least had choices and full sized models. Still found things to be very expensive, but we finally ended up with a nice pillowtop with a 10 year warranty, delivered, for a bit over $700. Seems like a ton of money to me, but when I went home and took the allergy cover off our old mattress to find that the tag was definitely 70s style and that it was once "extra firm," it reconfirmed that it has long since been time for something new.

After we were done mattress shopping, we headed out to the Humane Society in the next county over, to check out a dog I found online. The plan was to go and meet him, then go meet another dog on Sunday, then see how we felt about a second dog adoption. Things didn't go as planned. We got there and the place was horrible. Lines of kennels of barking dogs, none of whom had been bathed, none of whom had any toys or beds or anything, and none of whom have long to live if someone doesn't rescue them.

So, unsurprisingly, the dog we'd gone to see came home with us, and I'm sorry I couldn't take most of the rest of them as well. He's an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrennes, as far as we can tell. They were calling him Zeus, but we've renamed him Atakan (ah-tah-kan), which is Turkish for "ancestral blood." We chose the name for its meaning, since Anatolians are such an old breed, and for the sound of it. We're calling him Ata (a-TA). He is a beautiful, well-mannered dog, and he's getting along with us, Leo, and Atticus swimmingly. We are going to the vet to get that all checked out this afternoon, but the only obvious health issue he has is his weight. He's approximately a year old, and he's at least 30 lbs underweight. He's so skinny you can see his ribs, backbone, hipbones, etc. It's really sad. We shouldn't have any trouble fattening him up now that he doesn't have to fight for food, though--his appetite seems very good.

Ata was really filthy from being a stray and being at the shelter, so our first stop after picking him up was the self-service dog wash. Bad move on a couple of counts. He obviously has no experience in the car and is terrified of it, so the drive was very trying, and he's also terrified of water, so washing him was even more so. After spending an hour at the dog wash, we had a marginally cleaner dog, but Mark and I were covered in head to foot fur, dirt, and water. It was really gross. The car was also a complete disaster and I had to take it to be cleaned yesterday.

After we got home, things went well. Ata and Leo sorted themselves out right away and seem to be developing a good friendship. Leo was the most active we'd ever seen Saturday night, running and jumping and playing like a young dog. You could tell his hips didn't thank him for it, and he definitely had a hitch in his get along later, but I think it was worth it. He'll figure out how to moderate it (and the activity should help with the recommended weight loss, too).

Sunday was more mellow, mostly just hanging out at home, supervising the dogs and playing with them and seeing how things are going to shake out. Seems to be going almost weirdly well. If it continues to go so well, this will be the fourth (or tenth, depending whether you could the puppies seperately or together) time I've made a completely rash decision about taking in a dog, Mark has questioned it but agreed to do it, and I've been completely right.

Makes me wonder if there is any wrong.


Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Ata is a beauty, and it's great that he gets along so well with everyone else. It's really very surprising to me that Leo wasn't more defensive of his home and family, but I underestimated his easy-goingness, obviously. How much do you know of Ata's history? And have you been taking your new dogs to Lee (I think that's his name--Chance's trainer who we met when we were there) or training them yourselves? And what of your choice to get your pets microchipped? How did you decide that, how much does it cost, and what's involved? Whoa, sorry for the bombardment of questions...

No problem. I'll email you....

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