Meet my new hero, Pali Boucher


The other day, Mark and I caught a show on Animal Planet called "Rocket Dogs." Rocket Dog Rescue is a dog rescue in San Francisco, run by an amazing women named Pali Boucher. The show did not just talk about the rescue, but about Pali's life and how she came to be doing what she's doing. I have rarely admired anyone more. Born a ward of the state with a drug addicted mother who died when she was 10, Pali had a rough, rough childhood and early adulthood. A number of years back, she was homeless and drug addicted. Then she met a dog named Leadbelly (looked to be a hound/Rott mix of some time) and wanted to be able to take care of him so badly that she went into rehab and got clean.

Pali had several good years with Leadbelly, during which she also fostered other dogs. Then Leadbelly died, and Rocket Dog Rescue was born. Pali doesn't just rescue any dogs, but dogs that are on their last chance. She specifically chooses dogs that are old, or sick, or have other issues that are keeping them from being easily adoptable, and she often swoops in in their last hours and saves them from being put down by city and county shelters. Judging from the both the show and the rescue's website, Pali has quite a network, but she also fosters up to a dozen dogs at a time at her house, and it was clear in the program that she is tireless in the work she's doing. The show said that she'd placed about 700 dogs in the five years since she founded Rocket Dog Rescue, and that is an amazing number, particularly given the type of dogs she takes in. And though Pali's active time may be limited (she's HIV-positive), she also has big plans for the future, including an urban sanctuary dog shelter in San Francisco.

I could go on and on about how amazing Pali is and how great the work she's doing is, but I won't. There's a pretty good little article about it here, or, if Animal Planet plays the show again, set your DVR.

Or hey, send a donation Pali's way. I'm gonna.


You said "set your DVR" and I went, "set my what now?" Dog Video Recorder? Dangerously Volatile Redneck? I can't work it out.

I'm a friend of Pali's and I was very touched by what you wrote. She's an amazing lady and you echoed my sentiments exactly about the tv show. Pali wished more of the volunteers could have been shown but I think the human interest angle of what she went through made the show so watchable. I've sent your link on to Pali. It looks like a lot of people were moved by the show.

Hey! My name is Laura and I am a volunteer for Rocket Dog Rescue. I stumbled upon your AWESOME blog and was wondering if you could help me by posting info about a new book that is coming out where 100% of the gross proceeds will be going to 5 non-profit animal groups in the SF Bay Area (SFSPCA, PAWS, Friends of Animal Care and Control, Pets Unlimited and Rocket Dog Rescue. For more info on the groups, please visit: The author even donated the cost of the publishing so literally every cent raised goes to these non-profits! Anyway, the book is amazing - full of stories about people (from Amy Tan to Robin Williams to the woman who lives down the block from you!) and the animals who share their lives. It's a beautiful, full color coffee table book and would be a great mother's or father's day gift! I do think that blogs are a huge way that people communicate these days so I thought you would be a great person to get the word out and help raise a load of money for these amazing groups. The more books sold, the more lives saved. It's just a fact. Please let me know if you want more information on Tails Of Devotion or you can get it at Thank you so much for your time and help ? Best, Laura Beck 510 205 3945 Rocket Dog Rescue San Francisco, CA

Pali Boucher is my new hero too. To see SUCH a beautiful soul makes life inspirational. I wanna be like her one day, love Roshelle. xx

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