April Giving


One day early, but oh well. My choices for April Giving are:

1. The Catholic Charities Justice for Immigrants project. This may seem an odd choice for me, and it is, but there is reasoning behind it. My great-grandmother, an Italian immigrant and a devout Catholic, died last week. This donation is in her honor. May she rest in peace.

2. Lilith: A Fund for Reproductive Equity, a local organization providing funding for low-income women to get abortions. From their website: "Lilith: A Fund for Reproductive Equity believes that the right to choose an abortion is meaningless without access to abortion services. Restrictions on abortion access and funding are discriminatory because they especially burden low-income women. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed to fighting for access to abortion for all women. We believe that it is the responsibility of government to provide public funding for abortions, but that we must act now to support women who want abortions but cannot afford them." I'm behind that.

As always, please check them out (butttons at right), and give if you feel moved to do so. Happy April!

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