Texas Governor: How hard can it be?

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Kinky dollIn case anybody was wondering, I am supporting Kinky Friedman for governor my beloved adopted home, the Lone Star State. And yes, I am completely serious. Not only is he the by-far least nauseating of the "candidates," he actually does and has done good things, which is more than I can say for 99.9% of politicians, especially viable ones (let's save the discussion re: whether or not he's viable for another day). Don't believe me? Check out the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.


Who are you trying to impress? If it is me, you have done ok here - I totally never thought you'd vote for an action figure for Governor. What was it that sold you? The weapons accessories, or the button on the back that you can push and hear him say, "Texas is home to the greatest number of super billionaires of any place in the world!"

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