Music meme/game answers


So here's what they were:

1. The first part of every day for me is good
Dar Williams, "It Happens Every Day"

2. I've been in and out of every honky tonk in town
Loretta Lynn, "Mrs. Leroy Brown"

3. Half the people you see these days are talkin' on cell phones
Greg Brown, "'Cept You and Me Babe"

4. Life is turned upside down
Badly Drawn Boy, "Life Turned Upside Down"

5. Out of nowhere this gust of wind brushed my hair
k.d. lang, "Pullin' Back the Reins"

6. Is it too much to ask?
Lucinda Williams (could have also been Mary Chapin-Carpenter), "Passionate Kisses"

7. You give me that look that's like laughing
Ani DiFranco, "Falling Is Like This"

8. It takes more love than a heart can hold
Maria McKee, "More Than a Heart Can Hold"

9. I can't do it, I can't conceive of everything you're trying to make me believe
Aimee Mann, "How Am I Different?"

10. Soon we'll come to the end of life's journey
Johnny Cash, "If We Never Meet Again"

11. You thought she was an angel, I can still hear you say
Y'all, I have no idea what this one was...

12. When I was four years old they tried to test my I.Q.

Ani DiFranco, "My I.Q."

13. C'mon people now, smile on your brother
Nirvana, "Territorial Pissings"

14. It's against the law to walk, it's against the law to talk
Billy Bragg and Wilco (could also be Woody Guthrie), "Against the Law"
15. The wind is ruthless and the trees shake angry fingers at the sky
Ani DiFranco, "Done Wrong"

16. Bye, bye bye baby, bye bye
Janis Joplin, "Bye Bye Baby"

17. Forgiving you was easy, but forgetting seems to take the longest time
Willie Nelson, "Forgiving You Was Easy"

18. She sat on the pavement as I pulled in the drive
Iggy Pop, "I Felt the Luxury"
19. You keep telling me I'm beautiful but I feel a little less so
Ani DiFranco, "Swim"

20. Words fell, like roses at our feet

Lucinda Williams, "Words Fell"

21. I walked 100 miles just to see you
Peter Wilde, "100 Miles"

22. I never knew I could feel like this
Again, I have no idea.

23. Don't you worry 'bout what's on your mind, woman
The Rolling Stones, "Let's Spend the Night Together"

24. My first lover
Gillian Welch, "My First Lover"

25. I wanted everything for a little while, why shouldn't I?
Everything But the Girl, "Wrong"

26. In the jukebox of her memory, the list of names flips by and stops
Ani DiFranco, "Jukebox"
27. I don't want to feel this way
Everything But the Girl, "Good Cop, Bad Cop"

28. Hear that lonesome whip-o-will
Johnny Cash (but could have been Hank I), "So Lonesome I Could Cry"

29. Everybody was estatic, about the light show on the farm
Dan Bern, "Thanksgiving Day Parade"

30. Well there was a little falter at the alter of confession
Dixie Chicks, "Tortured, Tangled Hearts"

Thanks for playing!

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