Gilmore Girls, Season One

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Gilmore Girls DVD box setI finished the first season of Gilmore Girls over the weekend. My biggest gripe? The last disc only has one episode on it. What kind of crap is that?

Other than that, though, I really liked it. It's not rocket science, but it's a fun show with really positive portrayals of women, which is something sorely lacking in most media, including TV. And it offered welcome levity when Joan of Arcadia was getting me down.

The best parts? Lorelai, in general. Rory, in general. Sookie. Lane. Luke. Definitely Luke.

Bad parts? I'm not much of a fan of Dean, which puts a damper on being excited about his and Rory's relationship. And the whole thing with the town troubador bugs me. But honestly, I mostly find it to be good fun.


Dean is so weird. The whole first season I am just like "UH Rory is smart and Dean seems allergic to books and moody. I don't get it." Later I did come to like Dean. Early in the show I didn't like Rory much either though. If you haven't read the TelevisionWithoutPity recaps, they are AMAZING.

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