How cute!


I feel sure that pictures of my dogs will improve your day. Or, you know, just improve mine.

dogs lyng around picture

Bridget in kennel picture

Grace and Ata picture

Grace and Ata picture


I can see from their glowing eyes that you've opted for the less smelly, less slobbery, less poopy, "Robo-Dogs". I salute you for entering this 23rd century.

Dogs rock! Cute pics.

Pictures of your dogs do improve my day. That is why I added you as a flickr contact, hope you don't mind! One of the main reasons I am looking forward to getting out of grad school is so I can adopt a very large dog.

Your hair color looks gorgeous, btw... that's the color a want.

What gorgeous dogs! Have you got three now? In the third picture that puppy is just adorable.

definitely made my day better. thanks.

yay for huge and lunksome dogs!

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