Take Your Dog to Work Day


This Friday, June 23, is the 8th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. I'm fairly certain I'm not going to be able to participate (though I am going to inquire about bringing Leo in), but I think anybody who can do so should. I'd love to see it normalized to take dogs to more places--I think it's good for dogs and good for people. And yes, I realize there are problems with it (allergies being the biggest one and dog phobia falling close behind it), but I think those issues can be negotiated if dog owners are willing to be reasonable and responsible.

So heres to reasonable and responsible pet ownership, and to the increases in employee satisfaction and productivity dogs can bring to work places!


As someone affected thanks for pointing out that responsible pet ownership ALSO includes finding out if anyone in your workplace might DIE or be incredible adversely affected by bringing your pet to work. ~J

"if dog owners are willing to be reasonable and responsible." DING DING DING. It's hard enough in public spaces having *some* dog owners look after their dogs appropriately. Sadly, not all adults can be counted on to be responsible.

Every day is take your dog to work day around here. There are two dogs in my office currently: a black lab and a husky. Both sweetie pies who are fun to have around. Which is probably very related to the fact that both are super duper mellow and never bark.

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