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A year ago this week (I thought today, but actually Tuesday--which I am glad I didn't know on Tuesday), Chance died. It's something I honestly don't think about any more than I have to, because even a year later it still hurts too much, He was my first dog-baby, my best friend, and the bridge over which Mark and I crossed from two individuals to a family. He kindled what will clearly be a lifelong passion for dogs in me, and I am grateful in so many ways for the little tiny bit of time we had.

What I keep thinking about today, though, is talking to my dad on the phone a couple of days after he died. When Dad gave me what is probably the only good piece of advice he's ever given me or ever will. He told me that as soon as we could stand it, Mark and I should go get another dog, because we're dog people now, and that's what dog people do. And he was right. I know some people think they should wait after one pet dies to get another pet, wait until they are ready. Well, the truth is that if we'd waited we never would have been ready. It was something we had to jump into, and without Leo, I don't think we ever would have been able to live with losing Chance.

So July 11 was the first anniversay of Chance's death, and July 30 is the first anniversary of our life with Leo. And that's the cycle, how it's always going to be. It breaks your heart, but that's how it is.


I can't picture how your lives would have been without Chance or without Leo. Or Ata. Chance opened up your world/hearts in that respect. What a gift! His life was far too short, but he made an impression on all those fortunate enough to make his accquaintance. I know I'll never forget him or his anvil-sized head. Seeing Leo blossom under your care and Mark's has been so lovely. I am so glad you brought him into the fold. Same with Atakan. You two have a real gift, where dogs are concerned.

I can't believe it's been a year. Chance was a beautiful boy, but I love looking at pictures of Leo and Atakan too. They look so happy with you.

A YEAR?! Holy cow. Your dad did good. I'm so glad your family has grown with more doggy love. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Especially the dog-envious. :p Thinking of you! A.

I don't know if we would get another dog after Layla. She has been with me for 1/3 of my life, and we are so acculturated to her behaviors and habits. I think we'd have to do the overlap thing, or nothing. But I won't know until I'm there.

I had my last dog for 16 years, and then she died, back in 1988. I wasn't ready for another dog until 2002. I think everyone is different on this kind of thing. Maybe if we hadn't been apartment dwellers, we would have gotten another dog sooner. Maybe not. I'm not sure.

You're probably quite right that people handle this differently. I wasn't meaning to prescribe to anyone else, just say what had worked for me. Mark and I don't plan to ever have less than 2 dogs again. I can't imagine going through even one of the dogless nights we went through at this time last year. I don't think I could take it. I dunno if it has something to do with my inability to connect properly with humans or what, but my dogs are my lifeline. Anyway, I'm glad Dad told me what he did. I don't know if Mark and I could have held it together in the first months without Chance if we hadn't had Leo.

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