Leo clones

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I have probably mentioned here before that if I could clone our older dog, Leo, I would. Leo is a beautiful animal and a truly good soul. I told Mark the other night that in the last year (the time we've had him), Leo has given me more unmitigated joy than any other creature I've ever known (it speaks to how well Mark and I understand each other that he didn't find this insulting in the least). And it's true, he really has. Chance taught me that I love dogs, and that they are completely worth the effort, but Leo is my canine soul mate.

A few days ago, on one of my frequent trips through all of the local dogs on Petfinder, I may have found Leo's clones. Or perhaps even his offspring.

This is Leo:

picture of Leo

This is Louisa, Poe, and Shelley:

picture of the literary puppies

Leo is, we think, an Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrennes mix. Louisa, Poe, and Shelley (they're called the "Literary pups" by their rescue) were listed as Giant Schnauzer/Pyr mixes, but I don't think that's the case. They just look too much like our boy, and have heads and tails that remind me too much of full wolfhounds. They are four months old. They were rescued after being used by some sadistic fucks as target practice. They were starving, ridden with fleas and mites, and mangy. They're all doing much better now. The weirdest part? They were rescued within only about sixty miles of where Leo was found (a few hours from where we live).

Descriptions of their personalities given to me by their foster mom don't sound exactly like Leo, but as similar as you'd expect when comparing an elderly dog to a puppy. They sound like fantastic dogs. And, as irresponsible or impractical as some people (Mark) may think bringing a third permanent dog into our family is, I can't stop thinking about them. I can't help but think that these puppies are the answer to my wish for a Leo with a full life ahead of him/her. My heart feels good looking at their pictures, and feels the same pull as it did when I first saw pictures of Leo, only a couple of short weeks after we lost Chance. Like there are millions of dogs in the world, but this is my dog.

Now to convince Mark.


They are so cute! At this point, my 2 cents is to do it. I stupidly went to the shelter the other day and saw Sandy's clone. I honestly believe it is her littermate (same age, probably the sibling I left behind when I adopted her). I went back today and they had her in the back. She snapped at an employee because she was afraid to go back in the kennel. They are putting her down. I feel like they are putting Sandy down.

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