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What a lovely weekend I had! I wish it weren't over. Mondays are so depressing. No matter how much I like my job, Mondays are just sad.

We sold the Mazda, which was fantastic. We got $200 less than we asked for it. We probably could have held out for full price, but it's nice just to have it over and done with, and the family to whom we sold it were very nice. So now our floor fund is complete, I think, and we are going to start figuring out what our plan is for the floors. Finally. Mark got all emotional about letting the car go--it's such a great car, it was our first major purchase together, etc. I thought it was funny. But I apparently have ice water in my veins, so there you go.

LeoI watched a couple of movies, finished a book, hung out with my friends The Princess and Siobhan, and generally just had a fantastic time all weekend. We took Leo to the vet for his annual shots on Saturday morning and he came away with a clean bill of health, down 5 lbs (124, yay!), and looking great, except for his teeth, which are a mess. Dr. Julian, our beloved vet, says that he doesn't have to have a dental cleaning right now, but there is likely one in his near future, and his two broken canines will need to be extracted at that time. The cleaning and the extraction are no big deal--he's not using the teeth anyway, and they are damaged enough to be a risk for infection, so taking them out is the right thing--but we, as always, fear anesthetic. Even though there is no earthly reason Leo shouldn't come out of it fine, there's always that back of the mind concern. So I'm glad we can put it off for a little bit longer. In the meantime, we're trying to brush his teeth, which seems to be a pretty lost cause. Does anyone have any input on how to successfully brush a dog's teeth? I'm at a loss.

We bought some new houseplants and potted them last night, which was a pain in the ass (the mosquitoes wouldn't leave us alone and it was still hot at 9PM), but they look great in our living room. I made a major effort to choose plants that are supposed to thrive in low light, so hopefully they won't die. Much as I love my house, it doesn't get very good natural light. Given the climate in which we live, that is mostly good, but it is hard on plants. The plants I have in my office do much better than the ones at home. We have a peace lily that is outgrowing its pot every couple of months, though. Apparently they require neither light nor care in order to thrive. I actually hope it stops growing soon, as it's now in the biggest pot that I want in my living room. Is there a way to stunt a plant's growth? Should I water it with coffee?


Dog toothbrushing depends on the dog. You can watch how I do Layla's sometime if you want, though she's a lot smaller.

And Mark shouldn't feel bad. When I posted my old television on Freecycle, I burst into tears and finally had to tell the nice lady that I had to keep it because it had been with me for so long.

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