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As a follow up to the Dove piece I posted a few days ago (and is making its way around the Internet in a million other forums as well), I have to share something Nyarly brought to my attention. If you go here, then click on "portfolio" and "before/after," you can see celebrity photographs pre and post-digital enhancement.

One example, a picture of Mariah Carey, is shown below. Others are similarly revealing.

before pictureafter picture


Ooh! This is a topic I am very interested in!

At some point I just started photoshopping out all zits, unevenness of skin tone and sharpening jaw lines, etc.

I occasionally consider adding tattoos to people's faces, just to see how they'd react. My father was a big fan of the swastika I photoshopped onto his forehead in last year's Passover photographs.

I think I missed the window of opportunity for this post, though.


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