Love Thursday: Lovin' Leo


smiling_leo.jpgIt is once again Love Thursday, and I'm all in it today. I love, love, love Leo. And today Leo is having surgery. Just a minor surgery, to take out a few broken off teeth and get the rest of the chompers cleaned up so they won't rot away, but it's still making me plenty nervous. So I'm thinking about what a wonderful, positive presence has has been in my life, and in Mark's, since we adopted him last summer.

I'm not generally the dopey "dogs are all angels" type, but if I were, I would tell you that Leo is an angel. He was exactly what we needed when we needed it, when the grief over Chance was so deep we had no idea how we'd slog through it. He is a patient, gentle, loving creature, as well as being a dog who had fallen on some very hard times and really needed our help to get back into a comfortable, safe life. I'd like to think that we've done as much for Leo as he's done for us, but honestly, we haven't even scratched the surface.

So that's what I'm thinking about on this Love Thursday. Hoping that Leo has a safe and speedy surgery and that his mouth doesn't hurt when he wakes up. Or at least that it doesn't hurt anymore than soft food and a few doggie painkillers can take care of.

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