Well behaved women seldom make history


well behaved women poster.jpgI recently decided that although the photos and magnets and plants are nice and have improved things greatly, my office also needs something up on the walls. To that end, I got a couple of work-friendly feminist posters to cover some wall space. One is the iconic Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It!" poster, a second is a poster based on the Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote "Well behaved women seldom make history." As shown here, it's the Syracuse Cultural Workers' version, with a retro woman surrounded by the names of women who have made history.

Looking at the poster, I realized there are a number of names I'm not familiar with, as well as many that I am. Which brought me to the idea of putting up a blurb on my blog about one of the women each day, giving myself the opportunity to do a little research, and giving me lots of fodder for the upcoming NaBloPoMo. There are way more than 30 names on the poster (105, actually), so this project will likely be ongoing for the next few months, and will all be in the "Women Making History" category so I can have a full archive of not-so-well behaved women when I'm finished.



Where do you get the posters from? It sounds great to have them on the office walls. Very inspiring!

Delighted to find your site today!

Another feisty woman...praise the heavens. We need to reproduce more of our kind.

I'm here in TN, trying to effect change for women.

You might like to visit my site too: www.thenewtnwoman.com


This is such a neat site!
Your posts are very interesting and I'm excited to find the stories of so many feminists I haven't heard of before. I'm a high-schooler in MA and am starting to get pretty involved in social action around Boston, specifically around teen issues right now. So I'm trying to learn more about other people who have been involved in effecting change. Being female, I am especially interested in feminists.

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