Life in the multi-pet household


A perennial favorite question: how many cats do you need to have to be the crazy cat lady? Alternatively, how many dogs do you need to have to be the crazy dog lady? What if you mix it up and have both?

The current size of our menagerie is four: two feline, two canine. For some people this would clearly be too many. I respect that. Four pets is a lot of work, a lot of expense, a lot of poop scooping and litter box cleaning and lugging bags of dog food and a million other not wholly enjoyable things. We always have vet bills. We always spend a lot at the pet store. We always have hair on our clothes, on our furniture, and often between our teeth. We spend a ton of time grooming and feeding and medicating and walking and playing. Our pets are our number one priority, the first place we direct our money and time. For many, probably most, people, there is little appeal to this lifestyle.

For Mark and I, though, it simply can't be any other way.

We're only stopped at four due to constraint of space and money. We want a bigger brood. In my perfect world, I'll have a big house with a big yard, rundown is fine, so that I can be surrounded by a whole herd of ambling big dogs and sleek, tempermental cats.

The question, then, is whether that makes me a crazy cat/dog lady.

I'm pretty sure it does. And I'm OK with that. My quality of life has increased exponentially with each pet we've adopted. The extra work is easily overshadowed by the extra love and extra joy each new animal brings.

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