November Giving

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Half the Sky logoNovember is National Adoption Month. In that spirit, and in honor of my best kid friend, H., who is soon moving very far away and whom I will miss more than I can say, I've decided to send my November giving to Half the Sky Foundation. Half the Sky's mission is as follows:

Half the Sky was created by adoptive parents of orphaned Chinese children. Our purpose is to enrich the lives and enhance the prospects for the babies and children in China who still wait to be adopted, and for those who will spend their childhoods in orphanages. We establish early childhood education, personalized learning and infant nurture programs in Chinese welfare institutions to provide the children stimulation, individual attention, and an active learning environment.

A little bit of money can make a huge difference in the lives of the kids in China Half the Sky serves. For example, $50 pays for a month of nanny services, and $100 buys a month of art supplies for a preschool. Please consider honoring the kids in your life--adopted or not--with a donation to Half the Sky or some other adoption organization this month.


Thank you for spotlighting Half the Sky. from everything I've seen, they really do some great work and in addition to helping the little ones in Chinese Orphanages, they have also helped provide skills training for older girls about to age-out of adoption eligibility who will need to find a job or school with no family to reassure or help them in any way.


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