Woman Making History #7: Amy Goodman

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Amy GoodmanBorn in New York in 1957, Amy Goodman is, thus far, the youngest history making woman the poster lists. And one of the best known currently, due especially to her very popular radio and TV news program (and podcast), Democracy Now! Many current Goodman fans consider her the "voice of the disenfranchised left."

After growing up in a politically progressive family on Long Island, Goodman graduated from Harvard in 1984 with a degree in anthropology. She then spent a decade as an evening news show producer for WBAI, the Pacifica radio station in New York. During her decade as a radio news journalist, Goodman was attacked by Indonesian soldiers while covering the independence movement in East Timor in 1991. Goodman speculated that U.S. support of the Indonesian military was the only reason she and fellow journalist Allan Nairn were not killed. Goodman credits this experience as the pivotal moment in career, the point at which she realized how important it is to "go where the silence is" and get the word out.

In 1996, Goodman co-founded Democracy Now!. She continued to do the type of journalism she was known for, covering, among other things, the role of the Chevron Corporation in the conflict between Nigerian villagers and the Nigerian Army in 1998. This coverage won Goodman a George Polk Award.

In 2000, Democracy Now! split with Pacifica and went independent, broadcasting from an old fire station. This move coincidentally made Goodman the journalist reporting on 9/11 from the geographically closest location to Ground Zero.

First independently and then reunited with Pacifica in 2002, Goodman and Democracy Now! have continued to provide hard-hitting, left-leaning coverage of national and international politics for the last several years, expanding from its radio roots and adding a televised broadcast in 2001. Perhaps Goodman's best known grilling was the one she gave Bill Clinton when he called before the 2000 election to tell listeners why they should support Gore rather than Nader. Rather than giving him free advertising airtime, Goodman grilled Clinton on NAFTA, capital punishment, and sanctions against Iraq.

Goodman is the author of two books, The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them (2004), co-written with her brother, Mother Jones writer David Goodman, and Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People who Fight Back (2006).

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I've seen her on Democracy NOW! many times... she's awesome!

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