Woman Making History #65: Sarah Buel


Sarah BuelNot going far from home today...

University of Texas law professor Sarah Buel has spent the bulk of her career working for battered women and children. She is the co-director and founder of UT Law School's Domestic Violence Clinic and the UT Voices Against Violence program, which provides counseling and other services for victims of sexual and domestic violence and assault, as well as addressing the underreported problem of stalking on college campuses.

Buel is herself s domestic violence survivor. After leaving her abusive marriage in 1977, she earned her undergraduate and law degrees (Harvard, cum laude, 1990) while working as a paralegal and serving as a single parent to her child. While at Harvard, she founded or co-founded the Harvard Battered Women's Advocacy Project, the Harvard Women in Prison Project, and the Harvard Children and Family Rights Project.

Buel was a noted attorney right out of Harvard, receiving the Boston Bar Association's Public Service Award in 1991 and both the Massachusetts Bar Association's Outstanding Young Lawyer Award and the American Bar Association's Top Twenty Young Lawyers Award in 1992. She has continued to receive many accolades in since these early ones, including the American Bar Association's Fellows Award in 2001.

Before coming to teach at UT in 1996, Buel worked as a prosecuting attorney in Massachusetts, where she developed several award-winning domestic violence and juvenile programs. She has also served as Special Council for the Texas District and County Attorneys, providing training and case assistance for domestic violence prosecutions, and taught at Harvard Medical School, where she is currently an adjunct professor. Buel has also written extensively on domestic violence and juvenile law, including many articles and training manuals.

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