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Mark and I have decided to start back up with dog fostering. This is good, I think. We've wanted to do it for a while, now that we've gotten over our several month run with the Bridget. I advocated strongly for fostering a new type of dog this time, one we didn't already have experience with, and probably a smaller one, since we do still have two gigantic hounds already. While Mark and I were talking about what type of dog we'd like to foster and what type of foster organization we'd like to get involved with, I happened to see a posting on Petfinder from the Austin Hound Rescue, saying they were looking to expand their foster network. Hounds, I thought, would be perfect. So I talked to Mark and got in touch with them and we're going to give fostering hounds a shot.

Mostly, the rescue takes in beagles. This is both because they are the most commonly found in need and because their current foster network is most comfortable with small dogs. Mark and I are more comfortable with large dogs, so we said we'd be happy, in the future, to take in larger hounds in need. This could be really good for local dogs and for the rescue, as they'd had to turn away some larger hounds because of lack of foster space for them. However, we're going to start with something a bit smaller, just in case it doesn't work out and the dog needs to go to another foster home (once we start taking large dogs, we won't really have any "back-up," as none of the other current foster homes are equipped for large dogs). And that's fine with me, because I am really curious to see how having a small dog in your home is different than our big beasts.

Turvey.jpgSo it looks like we'll be getting our first foster tomorrow. His name is Turvey and he's a beagle mix whose time at the county pound is just about up. As you can see, he's mixed with something else--I'm guessing either Corgi or some kind of terrier or both, based on the stumpy legs and pointy head--and he's kind of a fat little thing. The folks at the pound say he's sweet as can be and has no issues with other dogs, and he seems to be fairly young (four, maybe?) and healthy, so he should be a good adoption prospect. I'm really excited about meeting him. Once we get him bathed and acclimated and on high-quality food (and exercise) he should do just fine.

Friday.jpgThere's another possibility at the pound as well. He hasn't been in as long as Turvey, so we're taking Turvey first, but I am in love with this dog by his picture, so I am hoping we'll be able to help him as well. His name is Friday and they think he's a basset/bloodhound cross. He looks like a basset, but he's bigger and taller. Isn't he cute as hell? The shelter says he is very lazy and mellow, which would fit in well at our house. Hopefully we'll be able to pull him in the next week or two as well.

I'm excited, though a bit trepidatious, as I know next to nothing about hounds in general, and have heard mostly bad things about domestic beagles. The folks at the rescue are very supportive so far, though, and I think they'll continue to be. It's quite a small operation with very dedicated volunteers, and that's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to be involved in. So I'll keep you posted...


I think Turvey looks like a sweetheart. Also, whatever breed mix he is sure is funny looking, in a very charming way.

On a whim, I decided to google my dog's name because i always thought it was unusual. I typed in Turvey the beagle and to my surprise I came to your page and saw a picture of my dog! I adopted Turvey from hound rescue in February and am curious if you ended up fostering him or got to spend any time with him?

Hi Renee!

We didn't end up fostering Turvey, though we did meet him. We ended up with Friday, who was a very, very difficult foster dog. But Turvey seemed like a total sweetheart--I'm glad he was adopted by someone nice. And it is an unusual name (I think it's a cool one, too).

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