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I always write about the Oscars, as I'm both a movie buff and a spectacle buff. I have even been known (nearly every year) to watch the entire 4+ hour show. Looking at this year's nominees, though, I'm horrified by how few of the films I've seen. I lost my movie-going partner this fall/winter, and things just haven't been the same since. I'm way, way behind.

There were a few that stick out at me as things I've seen and enjoyed. I'm glad Little Miss Sunshine got a best picture nod and an original screenplay nod. The foreign film nomination for Water delighted me. I haven't seen The Pursuit of Happyness, but I'm generally happy to see Will Smith honored. I was irritated that The Science of Sleep was totally ignored (hello? art direction?), but that kind of thing is pretty typical of the Oscars. And what's up with Spike Lee's director nomination? Seriously?

Now I think I'll go reorganize my Netflix queue so I can see some of these movies before March...


you haven't seen any of the movies nominated? i'm such a prententious anti-film/tv snob lately that i haven't even HEARD of most of these movies.

god i can't stand myself.

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