Once again, I am finding myself without reasonable pants.

See, I've gained a lot of weight. Which is fine, whatever, I'm not going to stress about it anymore than I have to. But now nothing fits. Not so long ago, I bought some new pants, in a size 16, at a store where sizes run large. And they fit. Until I wear them for two hours--then they're too big. However, my old pants, which are mostly size 16 from smaller sizing stores, are too tight. And it's not just the ass anymore--the waists are improbably tight now too. Which not only looks bad, but is also quite uncomfortable.

So I need new pants. Pants that fit both in the morning and in the evening. Inexpensive pants. Because it is too cold to wear skirts. And I don't know where to begin. I know of a few brands that fit sometimes, but only some styles fit, and only if they are long. Except the one kind, for which the long drags on the ground unless I wear heels. Why can't shit just fit?


Why not use belts?

I like old navy. and you can try them on in person and then order a lot of em online. target, obviously. lane maxx.

My machine hems jeans quite easily, so if you are lucky enough to find a pair whose only crime is too long, I can assist.

Pants suck, though. Suck suck suck. And yet I'd almost always rather be wearing pants than skirts.

Women's clothing that fits? Gah, you'll be asking for pockets next...

PS if it helps, my current ones (which i bought secondhand) are French Connection.

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